Sniper and Terminator X Components

Sniper and Terminator X Components

We originally created this page to list upgrade and replacement components for the popular Sniper EFI systems. However, when Terminator X arrived, it turns out that they share many of the same components--particularly on the Terminator X Stealth throttle bodies. Don't see it here? Not clear if it fits both? Use the fly-out at right to get support or visit our Contact Us page!

System Enhancements

Replacement Sensors and IAC Motor

Replacement Wiring Harnesses and Wiring Tools

Hardware and Gaskets

Gauges and Displays

Fuel System

Ignition Components


Replacement Terminator X ECUs and Upgrades

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Connector Harness, Terminator EFI to Holley HyperSpark Distributor V2

The new Holley HyperSpark was designed to work with the Sniper EFI System with no adapter.  But..

$32.73 $29.46

Hyperspark Plug and Play Main Harness

Looking to wire your Holley Sniper and Holley Hyperspark ignition system? With only four flying lead..

$167.00 $159.95

Rotor Phasing Kit for Sniper Ignition Control

ECU-controlled ignition timing control is far superior to standard mechanical and vacuum-based ignit..

$54.69 $49.22

Holley EFI Replacement Regulator Element

Need a replacement regulator for your Holley Sniper EFI System or Holley EFI Universal Filter Regula..

$27.01 $24.31