Fuel Pumps - In-Tank

Fuel Pumps - In-Tank

If your vehicle came with a in-tank fuel pump from the factory then it is entirely likely that there is a direct-fit, high performance fuel pump upgrade kit available for it.  With the exception of the ones listed below we do not offer these on this website but on our sister website, Fuel-Pumps.Net.  Please visit there for a more robust treatment and easier search for available in-tank fuel pump upgrades.

However, because the Holley Sniper EFI System has been so popular on GM throttle-body injected vehicles between 1986 and 1993, we felt the need to list our 5CA400HP high-pressure fuel pump upgrade kit for the factory low-pressure TBI fuel pump (see below.)

5CA400HP Fuel Pump Kit for GM vehicles with factory TBI (upgrades the low-pressure TBI fuel pump to a 255 LPH high-pressure capable fuel pump.  Direct-fit, includes all components necessary for complete installation.)

Placing an in-tank fuel pump into a tank where no fuel pump previously existed is a fairly daunting engineering challenge.  Fortunately, Holley has made that much easier with their Retrofit Fuel Tank Modules.  If you can operate a hole saw then you can install a fully functional EFI fuel pump into your factory carbureted fuel tank.  There are several fuel pump flow ratings to choose from and you can even opt for one that regulates and returns the fuel inside the tank so no return line needs to be installed.  Check them out.

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EFI Upgrade Fuel Pump for GM in-Tank Pumps - 255 or 350 LPH

The factory fuel pump in GM TBI vehicles was a low-pressure pump, providing only about 20 PSI. This..

$150.53 $135.48