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HP Universal Retrofit

HP Universal Retrofit

Have a unique application for which no multi-point EFI intake manifold is available? Or maybe you're just up for the challenge of converting your existing carburetor-style intake manifold over to fuel injection? Either way, these Holley Universal Retrofit EFI Kits are for you! These kits contain:

  • HP ECU with software and Main, 8-Cylinder Injector, and Power Harness
  • 1000 CFM Square-Bore or 2000 CFM Dominator footprint Throttle Body
  • Fuel Rail, fuel pressure regulator, injector clips, 8 weld-in injector bosses
  • Coolant temperature, throttle position, 1-Bar MAP, air temperature and Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor
  • Assorted gaskets, connectors, fasteners, and other hardware

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If you've toured through the Holley Multi-Point and Stealth Ram Fuel Injection Kit categories before coming here, you would get the impression that Holley saved all their love for the Bow Tie crowd. Fortunately, that's not true! Sure, you can't buy a Holley Multi-Point Fuel Injection kit for your Chrysler LA V8 or for your Ford Cleveland Modified, but there is no reason you can't have Holley Multi-Point Fuel Injection! If you have a single plane intake manifold for virtually any V8 engine, and if that manifold is made to support either a Holley 4150 or Holley 4500 Carburetor, Holley offers these fantastic EFI Retrofit Kits that allow you to turn your engine into a multi-point fuel injected beast. If you have a V8 intake manifold set up to accept another carburetor, one of these Retrofit Kits can be used if an adapter can be sourced for the 4150 or 4500 throttle body.

Ultimately, the biggest difference between an intake manifold for a carburetor and one suited for multi-point fuel injection is the existance of ports for the fuel injector. A bit of machining is required, but Holley's EFI Retrofit Kits give you all of the components necessary to take that carburetor manifold and plumb it for fuel injection. The kits include a 1000 cfm (4150 Retrofit Kit) or 2000 cfm (4500 Retrofit Kit) Throttle Body. (Note: Single plane manifolds are the best candidate for Holley's EFI Retrofit Kits. Dual plane manifolds generally range from difficult to impossible to machine for a solid fuel rail included with this kit.)

The Holley EFI Retrofit Kits do require considerably advanced skills to assemble and install. Machining for the fuel injector bungs and fuel rails requires the use of a Bridgeport mill. The injector bungs ideally should be TIG-welded to the intake manifold. They can also successfully be epoxied, but welding will guarantee good durability. The fuel rails will also require tapping and/or machining depending upon the fittings chosen. Hold-downs for the fuel rails will also have to be fabricated. Most of these skills can be found at a competent machine shop or automotive performance mechanic.

The most difficult to source components are included in the kit. This allows the buyer to source the other components, which are available here on EFISystemPro.Com, giving maximum flexibility in building the EFI package that meets the precise needs of the engine and performance goals. The fuel pump and fuel injectors should be sized for the objective horsepower, and the simple calculations required for sizing are included in the installation manual. The throttle linkage will likely need to be modified to convert it from the existing carburetor setup to the throttle body unit included with the kit. Other expendable-type items (fuel filters, plumbing, and various fasteners and hardware) will be required to complete the installation.

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HP Universal Retrofit Kit, Dominator Carburetor Intake Manifolds

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