New -10% Out Of Stock Terminator X-Max Service ECU

The Terminator X-Max ECU is most commonly purchased as part of a complete kit for a specific application. But if you need to replace or upgrade just the ECU in your Terminator X EFI System, we offer the ECU by itself. This is the same ECU that comes in the Terminator X-Max MPFI and TBI kits, but without any of the harnesses. While this ECU works with the same harnesses that are available individually to build Holley's Dominator and HP EFI Systems, it is always more cost-effective to buy Terminator X as a complete kit. But if you have a Terminaor X-Max kit and need a new ECU (or want to upgrade your ECU from the Terminator X to the Terminator X-Max) then this is the ECU you need.

Would you like to receive your new replacement ECU with your current configuration already installed? We're glad to do that--at no cost! Just select "Pre-Program My ECU" and email us the configuration file from your current Terminator X ECU.

Boost ControlDome control as well as boost versus time, RPM, speed, and gear. User-configurable boost control safeties.
FamilyTerminator X
Fueling StrategySpeed Density, Alpha-N, or Combination
Includes Power HarnessNo (Purchase 558-308 Seperately)
Injector DriversEight Injector Drivers capable of driving high impedance injectors (only)
Internal Datalogging4 GB
Knock Control Channels2
Nitrous ControlSingle-Channel wet or dry standard or progressive nitrous control. Rich/Lean safeties and closed-loop control to nitrous-enabled air/fuel ratio target.
Number of Cylinders4, 6, 8, or 10 (Even Fire Only)
User Configurable I/O4 Ground (Active-Low) Outputs 20 Customizable Software Outputs
Water-Methanol ControlNone.

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Terminator X-Max Service ECU

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