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HP-Dominator ECU

Dominator ECU & Components

Holley's Dominator ECU is the choice of professional racers and EFI enthusiasts who demand the most advanced EFI system features in a package that is nearly indestructible.

  • Dominator ECU: This is it--the king of Holley's ECU hill
  • Dominator Power Pack: Small- or Big-Block Chevy owners can couple one of these with a Dominator ECU and you've got a complete, ready-to-install-and-drive solution.

HP ECU Kits and Components

Similar in construction to the Dominator ECU, the HP scales back some of the features (primarily I/O capacity) to provide an amazing EFI ECU for those who can accomplish all of their objectives with a more moderately priced ECU.

  • HP ECU & Harness Kits: Kitted ECU and application-specific wiring harness & sensors for a range of American V8 engines
  • HP Multi-Point EFI Kits: Multi-Point EFI solutions for Chevy engines featuring a 4150-style MPFI intake manifold
  • HP Stealth-Ram Kits: Multi-Point EFI solutions for Chevy engines featuring a Stealth-Ram intake manifold
  • HP Retro-Fit Kits: Have a unique 4150- or 4500-style intake manifold that you want to convert to multi-point EFI? This kit includes everything you need. Just add fuel injectors and fuel system.

Terminator EFI Systems for GM LS and Universal Applications

Turn-Key EFI Systems. Differ from Terminator X EFI Systems in that these all use Holley's HP or Dominator ECU rather than the Terminator X ECU. All come with 3.5-inch color LCD touchscreen for initial setup, tuning, monitoring, and datalogging.

  • Terminator LS MPFI Systems: Plug-and-play with factory-style LS throttle bodies--both drive-by-cable and drive-by-wire. Works with factory-style ignition system. Available with or without electronic transmission control.
  • Twin Terminator Systems: Do you have an intake manifold for twin 4150 carburetors? Or are you running a draw-through supercharger equipped with twin 4150 carburetors? We'll custom-build you a 2x4 Terminator EFI System. Available with or without electronic transmission control.
  • Terminator Service Parts: Components to keep your Terminator in top form or add extra capability.