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-10% Rotor Phasing Kit for Sniper Ignition Control

ECU-controlled ignition timing control is far superior to standard mechanical and vacuum-based ignition control.  So to switch to ECU-controlled timing takes two actions.  First, you must lock out the standard and vacuum based advance.  Second, you must pre-phase the rotor so that it is position to deliver the spark at the precise moment when the ECU will be commanding the discharge of the coil.  Failure to ensure this phasing is done correctly can result in arcing within the distributor cap, which causes timing errors, damage to the interior of the cap, as well as harsh RF interference that can affect the operation of the ECU.

This MSD Rotor Phasing Kit (PN 84211) allows you to set the phasing of most MSD billet distributors, including those with cap PN 8431, 8433, 8437, 84313, and 84333.  It is a replacement for the fixed MSD rotor PN 8467.

This rotor phasing kit will not work with larger Ford-style MSD distributors unless you replace the stock cap with the 8433 cap (the recommended course of action.)  Alternatively, if you must stick with the larger Ford-style cap then the MSD 8421 may work.

ApplicationMost MSD Billet Distribors (MSD Cap PN's 8431, 8433, 8437, 84313, 84333)
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Rotor Phasing Kit for Sniper Ignition Control

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