-10% EFI Master Fuel System Kit

This is the exact fuel system kit included with the Sniper EFI System Master Kits.  It includes virtually everything most folks will need to convert their carbureted fuel system to an EFI fuel system adequate for the Sniper EFI System.  Also a great choice for self-regulated FiTech EFI kits supporting under 650 HP (disable the FiTech PWM misfeature prior to using this kit.)  This kit is available with either 20 or 40 feet of Earl's Vapor-Guard EFI Fuel Hose.  20 feet is normally fully adequate if you are re-using your existing hard fuel line under the vehicle.  If you need to run both a feed and return then opt for the 40-foot hose.

This kit is recommended for pump or race gas use only. The included fuel pump is not compatible with E-85.  The Walbro pump produces 255 LPH at 13.5 volts against 43.5 PSI, or 235 LPH at 13.5 volts against 60 PSI.  The AirTex pump produces less flow and we recommend opting for the Walbro pump for engines making over 350 HP (naturally aspirated) or 300 HP (boosted.)

This kit includes:

  • Your Choice Of:
    • TI Automotive (Walbro) 255 LPH Inline Fuel Pump with installation and mounting components
    • Airtex Inline Fuel PUmp with installation and mounting components
  • Earl's Vapor-Guard EFI Fuel Line (Choose from 20 or 40 feet.)
  • EFI Fuel Clamps (13)
  • Pre Fuel Filter 20 micron
  • Post Fuel Filter 10 micron
  • -6 AN Female to 3/8-inch Hosebarb Adapters (Straight)(4)
  • Return Fuel Bulkhead Port with Nut and Sealing Washers
  • Convoluted In-Tank Fuel Return Hose

Note that there are some differences between the way that Holley ships this kit and the way we ship it. We include four of the -6 AN Female to 3/8-inch hosebarb adapters with all kits and include 12 3/8-inch EFI Hose Clamps and a smaller clamp for the convoluted tube. This gives you EVERYTHING you need when you receive this kit so you're not wondering where to find a -6 AN Adapter on Sunday afternoon when you're hoping to finish up an installation. We do only ship one of the bulkhead nuts (since the kit only requires one.)

The Mechanical Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate & Gasket that was previously in this kit is no longer included but is available separately.

Do I need the Regulator Kit?

Some EFI systems, like the Sniper 2300, Sniper 4150, and Super Sniper, have a built in regulator and require no external regulator. Others, like the Sniper Stealth 4150 and Super Sniper Stealth, do not have a regulator. If yours doesn't include one the optionally-available regulator kit is a solid choice for the price. Includes regulator, fittings, and clamps.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Guide
Holley Sniper EFI Master Fuel System Kit

Fluid Fittings
Fittings IncludedYes
Inlet Size3/8 Inch Hosebarb
Return Size3/8 Inch Hosebarb
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)67 at 43.5 PSI, 62 at 60 PSI (13.5 Volts)
Flow Rate (LPH)255 at 43.5 PSI, 235 at 60 PSI (13.5 Volts)
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel TypePump Gas/Race Gas
Fuel Filters
Element MaterialNon-Replaceable
Filter TypeOne Pre-Filter, One Post-Filter
Micron Filtration20 Micron Pre-Filter, 10 Micron Post-Filter
Mounting Bracket IncludedNo (Not generally required)
Outside Diameter2.16 Inch Diameter Post-Fiter; 1.94 Inch Pre-Filter
Also IncludedMechanical Fuel Pump Block-off Plate (Fits most Chrysler and Chevrolet applications)
ApplicationCarbureted vehicles switching to EFI system that includes pressure regulation
Emission Code3
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleKit

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EFI Master Fuel System Kit

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