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Other Tools & Accessories

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Analog Wideband O2 Gauge (Stand-Alone With Sensor)

Remember when you needed a bulky Wideband Controller box to install a stand-alone wideband air-fuel ..

$312.00 $279.95

Multi Map Selector, Dominator ECU

The Holley Dominator ECU has the capability to allow the driver to select from one of four different..

$145.00 $129.95

Professional Timing Light

"When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child...."  1 Cor 13:11When you mo..

$267.00 $239.95

Sniper Spare Wire Removal Kit

When you install your Sniper EFI System you are undoubtedly going to have a handful of those long, u..

$21.63 $19.47

USB Data Cable

7' long sealed USB data cable (comes with ECU's, order this as a replacement or a spare.)  Als..

$77.72 $69.95

EFI System Pro Vinyl Sticker, Business Card & Magnet Kit

Did you know what makes EFI System Pro great?  You do!  I am convinced we have the greates..


Crimper for Sealed Metripack 150/280 Series Terminals

You can easily spend several hundred dollars on a professional-quality crimper.  But we have fo..

$38.83 $34.95

Heavy Duty Professional Spark Plug and Terminal Crimper

We bought this so we could to professional-quality spark plug terminals but this does even more than..

$99.94 $89.95

Metri-Pack Terminal Removal Tool (150, 280, GT150 & GT280 Series)

If you are working with Metripack connectors you are eventually going to need to remove a terminal f..

$16.07 $14.46

Weather Pack Terminal Removal Tool

If you need to remove one of the terminals on a Weather Pack connector this tool makes the job a bre..

$14.76 $13.78

Holley EFI Laptop Tuning Mat

No serious track-side tuner is without one of these in their laptop bag.  Protects the hood/roo..

$15.95 $14.36

EFI System Pro Tech Support & Tuning Service

We absolutely love helping folks be a success with their EFI Systems!  There is no doubt that w..