Fuel System

It should come as no surprise that you can find absolutely every fuel system component you could ever need here at HolleyInjection.Com. After all, Holley is at it's core a company about automotive fuel systems. Here is a summary to help you find what you need.

Choose From:

  • Fuel System Kits: Complete kits containing everything between the fuel tank and the engine: filters, pump, regulator, line, fittings and mounting hardware.
  • Fuel Injectors: Balanced injectors capable of supporting 38 to 319 horsepower per injector.
  • Fuel Rails: Direct-fit upgrades for OE fuel rails as well as components to fabricate your own.
  • In-Tank Fuel Pumps: Application-specific direct-replacement high performance fuel pumps for today's most popular performance vehicles.
  • Inline Fuel Pumps: If a direct-fit, in-tank pump is not available for your requirements, one of these inline pumps will do the job.
  • Inline Fuel Filters: Everything from simple barbed-end disposable filters to aluminum billet filters with replaceable elements.
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators: Looking for a bolt-on adjustable fuel pressure regulator for your street car? We have those plus professional-level return-style regulators for serious racing applications.
  • Lines, Fittings, Accessories: If you didn't find it elsewhere it is probably here.
  • Hydramat: Revolutionary--and that is no overstatement. Much more than just a fuel pickup. If you have ever had fuel starvation issues you will realize those days are over.