Sniper and Terminator X Components

Sniper and Terminator X Components

We originally created this page to list upgrade and replacement components for the popular Sniper EFI systems. However, when Terminator X arrived, it turns out that they share many of the same components--particularly on the Terminator X Stealth throttle bodies. Don't see it here? Not clear if it fits both? Use the fly-out at right to get support or visit our Contact Us page!

System Enhancements

Replacement Sensors and IAC Motor

Replacement Wiring Harnesses and Wiring Tools

Hardware and Gaskets

Gauges and Displays

Fuel System Kits

Ignition Components


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QuickFuel Phenolic Carb Spacer 4-hole 1/2-inch w/Gaskets

Several customers  have mentioned that their Holley Sniper EFI System makes strange whistling o..

$94.91 $85.42

Sniper EFI Sealing Plate

Yes, that whistling sound you hear your Sniper making is not your imagination.  True, not every..

$32.73 $29.46

Crossover Hose for Stealth Throttle Bodies (Unbraided)

Note:  Works with both the Sniper Stealth and Terminator X Stealth throttle bodies.So, after ..

$55.50 $49.95

Sniper EFI 3.5 Touch Screen LCD

Did the unthinkable happen to your original Sniper 3.5-inch Touchscreen LCD Display? Slammed in the..

$360.00 $323.95

WBO2 Sensor, Sniper TBI & Terminator X

Note that this is a different sensor than Holley uses for their Dominator/HP/Terminator/Avenger seri..

$77.72 $69.95

Coil Driver Module, Sniper EFI

Want to run the Holley Sniper EFI System with timing control but without a CD box like the MSD 6? Th..

$149.00 $133.95

Dual Tank Fuel Pump Kit

When upgrading vehicles with two fuel tanks to EFI a challenge is immediately encountered: Not only..

$255.50 $229.95

EFI Master Fuel System Kit

This is the exact fuel system kit included with the Sniper EFI System Master Kits but with a BETER f..

$413.00 $370.95

7 Pin Main Harness, Sniper TBI

Duplicate of the original 7-pin harness that came with the Sniper EFI System. ..

$152.00 $135.95

10 Pin Harness, Sniper TBI

Duplicate of the original 10-pin harness that came with the Sniper EFI System...

$58.36 $52.52

10-Pin Connector Kit for Sniper EFI 10-Pin Harness

This 10-pin metripack connector kit lets you create your own custom wiring harness for your Sniper I..

$24.39 $21.95

Clamp-On Oxygen Sensor Bung

Just because you're a decent mechanic doesn't mean that you have a degree in welding--nor does it m..

$44.61 $40.15

Throttle Position Sensor

This Throttle Position Sensor (TH191 | 543-111) is the replacement for the TPS on the following thro..

$49.95 $44.95

Demon Throttle Cable Adapter Lever

We offered this throttle lever extender for years and it did a good job. But we really think that t..

$21.86 $19.67

Sniper EFI Throttle Lever Extension

Several customers  have mentioned that their Holley Sniper EFI System's linkage has a very aggr..

$16.99 $18.29