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MSD Superconductor Wires for Universal Applications

MSD Superconductor Wires for Universal Applications

You're on this page for one of two reasons. It could be that MSD doesn't have a custom-fit Super Conductor spark plug wire set for your particlar application. If that's the case then one of these universal sets is often a good choice if your spark plug wires don't require some special boot necessary for in-the-valve-cover spark plug setups.

But it may be that you are wanting to build a set of Super Conductor spark plug wires that meet your specific requirements for length. We applaud you for that. Because in an EFI environment the precise placement and routing of spark plug wires is vital to creating an RFI-free environment that will allow your EFI System to operate without interference. For those who are good with their hands then the best answer is often to build your own set from one of these MSD Super Conductor Universal Wire Sets.

We Offer MSD Super Conductor Wires For The Following Universal Applications

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