One of the benefits of the Holley EFI software is that it allows you to input custom sensor configurations, allowing you to use virtually any sensor available. As you weigh that benefit out in your mind, remember that sometimes it is going to be much cheaper in terms of both time and money (not to mention peace of mind) to simply swap out that really unusual sensor for one of these you can simply select in the Holley setup software! Even in those cases where you have to create a bushing or adapter or even drill and thread, you are generally miles ahead once you are done to use one of these.

Note: The Oxygen Sensor is one exception to Holley's ability to use other brands of sensor. Select the Bosch if you are only running pump gas or else opt for the NTK.

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Air Temperature

Coolant Temperature


Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)

Liquid/Gas Pressure

Wideband Oxygen

Throttle Position

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Air Temperature Sensor

Replacement air temperature sensor for use with Commander 950 or Holley. screws into intake plenum..

$35.68 $32.91

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Coolant Temperature Sensor for Holley and commander 950 systems Fits coolant passages with 3/8" NPT ..

$35.24 $32.51

Hall Effect Sensor (Crank Trigger Wheel)

This sensor is designed to trigger from a ferrous metal (magnetic steel) target, such as Holley’s 6..

$99.03 $91.35

Hall Effect Sensor (Flying Magnet)

P/N 554-118 is designed as a drop-in sensor replacement for flying magnet crank trigger setups using..

$121.95 $111.95

Map Sensor 1 Bar

1 bar MAP sensor is used in most naturally aspirated applications..

$79.68 $73.50

Map Sensor 2 Bar

2 Bar MAP sensor is to be used in all forced induction applications up to 14.7 PSI Boost..

$84.22 $77.70

MAP Sensor, 5 Bar

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy! Instruction SheetHolley Pressu..

$112.95 $103.95

Pressure Sensor, 100 PSI

Pressure Sensor, 100 PSI Stainless0-100 PSI (plug and play for Holley Avenger, HP, and Dominator E..

$131.95 $120.95

Pressure Sensor, 200 PSI

Pressure Sensor, 200 PSI Stainless0-200 PSI (plug and play for Holley Avenger, HP, and Dominator E..

$131.95 $120.95

Pressure Sensor, 1600 PSI

Pressure Sensor, 1600 PSI Stainless0-1600 PSI (plug and play for Holley Avenger, HP, and Dominator..

$131.95 $120.95

Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor for the 2000CFM Throttle Body ..

$53.48 $49.33

Throttle Body Injection Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor for 2 bbl TBIs PNs 502-3, 502-4, 502-5, 502-6, 502-7; 4 bbl TBIs PNs 534-17..

$59.18 $54.59

Throttle Position Sensor for Sniper Throttle Bodies

Replacement Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for Sniper 90/92/102mm Throttle Bodies used on Sniper EFI..

$32.17 $28.95

Wideband O2 Sensor, NTK

Replacement NTK Wideband Oxygen Sensor for 2nd Gen C950 or Holley.Replaces Part # 534-194..

$265.95 $244.95