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Coils & Drivers

Coils & Drivers

Are you looking for individual coils, either as a replacement or to build an ignition system from scratch? Well, this is the place to find them. We also include here the various coil driver modules that Holley offers.

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This page also features the driver modules that allow the Holley ECU's to control two-wire coils that are common on many Ford and Chrysler applications. The Holley family of ECU's use a coil control method that mirrors GM's HEI EST to trigger coils. This method will correctly drive these 2-wire coils without the emplacement of a driver module between the ECU and the coil.

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Coil-Near-Plug Smart Coil Kit

Holley has conveniently put the major components you need to implement a coil-per-plug ignition s..

$812.00 $656.96

Eight Channel Coil Driver (2x 4 Channel Modules)

The eight channel coil driver module is a "dumb coil" driver module that plugs into the main harness..

$227.00 $183.56

Four Channel Coil Driver Module

The four channel coil driver module is a "dumb coil" driver module that plugs into the main harness,..

$116.00 $93.56

Four Channel Coil Driver Module Kit (with Wiring)

The four channel coil driver module is used to drive a two wire “dumb” ignition coil. Such coils are..

$143.00 $115.16

Hi-Perf C-N-P Smart Coil

This coil is designed for use with Holley® HP and Dominator ECUs, as well other EFI systems that..

$83.28 $67.46

MSD Blaster SS Coil

The MSD Blaster SS coil is our go-to coil for EFI applications.  Because of the way that the E-..

$70.19 $56.85

Sniper EFI Coil (HyperSpark or Traditional)

Now available in two styles!HyperSpark Coil  We are really impressed with the new Sniper..

$43.43 $35.18

Accel Ignition Upgrade Kit, 1998-2008 Ford 4.6L/5.4L/6.8L 2-Valve

If you own a Ford car or truck with a 2 or 3 valve modular engine and want to get the most out of yo..

$254.00 $205.16