Dominator Power Pack

Dominator Power Pack

The Holley Dominator Power Packs are intended to give the system builder aleg up on the process of assembling the components they will need to build acomplete multi-point fuel injection system. Other than the Dominator ECU (whichis purchased separately) these kits contain the most fundamental elements ofa Dominstor MPFI System. All kits include:

  • MPFI Throttle Body
  • Single-plane or Stealth Ram intake manifold
  • Fuel rail with fuel pressure regulator
  • Throttle position, 1-BAR MAP, air and coolant temperature sensors
  • Idle air control motor

Those things that are not included in the kit (fuel injectors and fuel pump, to nametwo) are left out so that the designer can select the right component for his or herspecific installation and horsepower goals.

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Power Pack Kit SBC with Early or Late Heads

Small Block Chevy Multi-Port Power Pack kit for Early/Late heads includes: Holley single plane inta..

$2,506.00 $2,254.95