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Related Hardware

EFI isn't all about computers, harnesses, and injectors. You are going to need some good old fashioned hard-parts to complete the job. You can find those here!

Choose From:

  • TBI Throttle Bodies: These incorporate the fuel injectors and are mounted on carburetor intake manifolds
  • MPFI Throttle Bodies: These "air doors" and are mounted on EFI intake manifolds
  • EFI Intake Manifolds: Styles to fit almost any requirement (GM applications only, currently)
  • Air Cleaners: It's EFI but it still needs an air filter. Find them here.
  • Adapters, Gaskets, Accessories:Whether you need to put a 2-BBL carburetor on a square bore flange, or need a new gasket for your Dominator throttle body, this section can help.