Terminator EFI

Terminator EFI

Terminator TBI - Standard Throttle Body

Bolt on and drive Throttle Body Injection systems for any engine that can be fit with a Holley carburetor. Just Install, answer a few questions, and drive--it tunes itself! Ideal for engines with horsepower ratings up to 600 HP. If you have the GM 4L60E or 4L80E transmission be sure to opt for the transmission-control version.

The Terminator is available in Tumble-polished or Hard Core Gray. Click here to learn more about Terminator TBI

Terminator TBI - Stealth Throttle Body

Are you warming to the idea of swapping to EFI on your vintage hot rod but don't really want to see some 21st-century throttle body with fuel rails peaking out from underneath the air filter? Do we have news for you! The Holley Terminator Stealth has the exact same features and benefits as the standard Terminator but includes a throttle body that is a dead-ringer for the classic Holley double-pumper carburetor. You can truly have it all with the Terminator Stealth!

The Terminator Stealth is available in Tumble-Polished, Hard Core Gray, or Classic Gold finish. Click here to learn more about Terminator Stealth TBI

Putting a Terminator throttle body EFI system on a GM LS or late-model truck engine? Then check out Terminator LS.

Terminator EFI with Twin Throttle Bodies (Dual Quad)

*GM 4L60E - 4L80E Transmissions Only

Terminator Master Kit

Most of those who buy a Terminator EFI System are installing it in a vehicle with a low-pressure carburetor-style fuel pump. You are going to need to install an EFI fuel pump, filters, and a regulator. To do that, you will need EFI hose, EFI hose clamps, and a return port for your fuel tank. You might have all of that stuff in your garage, but for the 98% of everyone else you're going to be miles ahead of the game if you simply select the "Include Master Kit" option when you order your Terminator EFI System. You'll get exactly what you need in the same box as your Terminator!

Do you love the simplicity of your carburetor but recognize the need for change?  Then the Holley Terminator EFI system is for you!  Holley set out to make a fuel injectionI system that is as easy to install as their classic carburetors and they have hit the mark.  The Terminator family of throttle body injection (TBI) EFI systems bolt directly in place of any carburetor with a square bore / Holley 4150 footprint, and can just as easily bolt on manifolds designed originally for Rochester Quadra-Jet or Carter Thermo-Quad carburetors with the Holley 17-6 adapter.

In the event you are still reluctant to ditch your carburetor, allow us to give you a bit more encouragement. To start with, the Terminator EFI is going to, over time, put money in your pocket in terms of fuel savings. Consider that fuel economy gains in the 40% range are not uncommon simply by converting from a standard 4-Barrel carburetor to the Terminator system. At today's price of fuel, that starts adding up to real money in a hurry. Further, driveability is almost always increased. Where carburetors typically have a bit of a sweet spot, EFI systems tend to provide optimum performance over the entire RPM range, meaning no more stumbles and quicker starts. And even if you're not a contributor to Greenpeace you have to appreciate a car that isn't leaving you slightly woozy at stoplights. Because of more precise tuning and better fuel atomization, the Terminator fuel injection system can really reduce your carbon footprint!

Let's look a little bit more closely at the system itself. All the hard decisions involved in some of the more expensive EFI systems have been made for you. The Terminator throttle bodies include 80 pound per hour injectors, which are a good choice for engines making anywhere from 200 to 600 horsepower. The throttle body itself is completely maintenance free. No floats to adjust, bowls to clean, or jets to tweak. In fact, the unit is completely sealed, which additionally ensures that it is impervious to the under-hood environment. All required sensors are included and pre-wired right into the throttle body. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

In fact, the only choice you have to make regarding the Terminator EFI system is whether to go with the tumble-polished, gray-anodized, or classic gold throttle body. Your fuel system needs an upgrade if you're converting from a low-pressure carbureted system, but Holley has you covered there too. Four different Terminator fuel sustems are available that include all of the components you will need to do the deal--pump, filters, regulators, fuel line and fittings. And remember, if you have any questions or concerns, the sales staff at HolleyInjection.com isn't just there to take your order. We are Holley Tier-3 certified and race experienced, meaning we provide technical support before and after the sale. We are here for you!

Once installed, setup is no more complicated than installation. The included handheld controller asks a few basic questions that give it some guidelines on your engine. These are questions that any shadetree mechanic can answer without question, and even if you're not sure Holley gives you some grace and figures the rest out on it's own. It's that simple! Install, answer questions, turn the key and start. The Terminator immediately starts self-learning, and never stops.

Think you might want more capability later? That is the real bonus of the Terminator over other entry-level fuel injection systems. The basic Terminator system is capable of doing things like ignition timing and automatic transmission control, if you choose to implement that. And if you want even more, the engine control unit (ECU) that is included with the Terminator is the exact same hardware as is included in the more advanced Avenger and HP systems. No additional investment is necessary!

Take a look at this video and get a bit more insight on the benefits and just how easy this conversion is. Then terminate your dependence on the carburetor and make the move to Holley Terminator EFI!

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