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What was good is now amazing.

Holley Sniper EFI is no new kid on the block. Since it's initial release in 2015 it has dominated the world of aftermarket throttlebody-based EFI. Sure, there are other options out there--several of them very solid. But whether it be due to excellence in design or just excellence in marketing, the Sniper cannot be disputed as the king of the hill.

That said, like any new product, there were challenges with the original Sniper. Those have been resolved in Sniper 2 and then some. Enhanced locking fuel injector connectors. Built-in RFI resistance. Enhanced throttle linkage. More robust cross-body fuel connection. There is not one opportunity for improvement over the original Sniper that Holley didn't take to the woodshed and whip into a marked improvement in Sniper 2.

But at it's heart, the foundational excellence of the Sniper is unchanged in V2, only improved. The throttle position sensor is made better by being a non-contact style, reducing the chance of mechanical failure. You can still use the standard 3.5-inch plug-and-play screen or upgrade to the 5-inch monitor, but now you can add a bluetooth module and the iOS or Android app for your phone and use that to do amazing things, if you are so-inclined. As easy as the HyperSpark distributor has always been to add, it just got even easier with the addition of a dedicated connector to make it truly plug-and-play. And I've not even gotten to the optional new Power Distribution Module that is going to make even the most complex installation a snap, or the soon-to-be-released transmission control module.

So many choices--which one is right for me?

On the surface it may seem a bit confusing. Let us explain it to you and I think the right Sniper 2 system for your requirements will be apparent. Keep in mind that if you select a system in the option drop-down above, the image displayed will give you an idea of the components that come in that particular system. Switch between different options to see the difference in contents.

Choice 1: Display Options

Holley has never before offered so many display options on the Sniper. Previously, the Sniper came with a quite capable 3.5-inch handheld display, and if you wanted you could spend more money and buy the optional 5-inch display and/or the new Sniper 2 Bluetooth Module.

But now you can choose your display when you purchase your Sniper 2. Choose your Sniper 2 kit to include either the bluetooth module (which allows your cell phone to function as your display), the tried and true 3.5-inch display, or upgrade to the 5-inch display with built-in GPS functionality. Note: the Bluetooth Module requires the installation of the Holley Sniper 2 Bluetooth Software from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.  If you are and iPhone owner outside of the US, the Sniper 2 Bluetooth Software has not been made available on the Apple Store.  If you have an Android phone and are outside the US you may also want to confirm you can download the software as well before choosing the Bluetooth module..

Choice 2: PDM or No PDM

PDM is the Power Distribution Module. Is is an entirely optional module that does not add any capabilities to the Sniper 2. On the other hand, it is going to GREATLY simplify the wiring, reducing the need for crimp-connectors or solder joints as well as external relays. For basic Sniper 2 installations, you can get by quite well without this. Sniper 2 kits without PDM include the only mandatory relay, that for the fuel pump, right in the harness. But if you will be installing the HyperSpark Ignition System and you'll be adding anything that requires additional relays (such as electric fan control), this is going to both simplify the job and provide a tight, professional-looking result.  You can learn more about the PDM here.

Choice 3: Fuel Pump Kit or No Fuel Pump Kit?

Having a fuel pump that is capable of delivering adequate fuel at the Sniper 2's required pressure of 58.5 PSI is mandatory. Since most of the vehicles onto which the Sniper 2 will be installed will not have such a fuel pump (particularly if you are replacing a carburetor) some sort of fuel pump replacement will be necessary. Holley tries to make this as easy as possible for the owner by offering four different fuel pump options with the Sniper 2:

  • X - Don't include a fuel pump kit. This is a good choice if you happen to have an EFI fuel pump in place already or if you'd prefer to install one of the OE-Replacement Fuel Tanks Modules or EFI Fuel Tanks instead.
  • K - Inline EFI Fuel Pump Kit. Not a bad choice at all if you are replacing a mechanical fuel pump and are not making more than 650HP (gasoline.) In most cases will still require the fuel tank to be removed to install the included fuel return port in the top of the tank.
  • R - Return-Style In-Tank Retrofit Module. These are a step up from an inline pump as they put the fuel pump inside the fuel tank, keeping it cooler and generally allowing for quieter operation. You will have to source and install a fuel pressure regulator (not included.) A good choice if you have a nice fuel tank and don't mind removing it and drilling a hole in top for the module.
  • D - Returnless In-Tank Retrofit Module. Similar to the Return-Style module bub without an external fuel pressure regulator. Instead, a fixed-pressure fuel pressure regulator is built into the module and returns fuel inside the tank.


Ok, so tell me more about Sniper EFI 

This should erase all doubts you had about EFI! Whether you were holding out because of price or difficulty of setup, the Sniper EFI system kills both of those tired old excuses. Now you can have all of the benefits of a high-end throttle-body EFI system without laptops, software, tuning, wiring harnesses, or even an ECU box. That's right--carburetor simplicity with crisp EFI functionality.

If you have an engine with a Holley 4150-style intake manifold then you are ready to start installing. Bolt on the throttle body, put the linkage in place, connect the power and O2 Sensor, provide an EFI fuel supply. All that's left is walking through the guided setup quiz (with not-so-tough questions like, "what is the displacement of your engine") and the ECU located inside the throttle body itself does the rest.


  • Direct Fit for 4150-style Intake Manifold (adapters available for other manifolds)
  • The ECU is in the Throttle Body--No boxes to mount, no complex wiring harness to run!
  • Connect with as few as 4 wiring connections: Power +/-, Ignition, and RPM Signal
  • Most sensors are built into the throttle body, simplifying installation
  • Visually amazing 3.5-inch touchscreen provides both setup and monitoring
  • Optional 5-Inch touchscreen or new Bluetooth module and iOS/Android App
  • Self-tuning--no laptop or software required!
  • Available in Shiny Metallic (550-510-3XX), Ceramic Black (550-511-3XX)

Holley Sniper Laptop Tuning Software

The features you can access and control via the included 3.5-inch touchscreen display are very impressive. Bu for the folks out there who wanted full-featured tuning capability, the Sniper Laptop Tuning Software does all you could want--and is available as a free download.  This allows you to tune boosted engines that need a custom fuel map, add nitrous control, transbrake control, and more.

Recommended With your Sniper EFI System

  • You will need an EFI Fuel System. We have several solutions!
    • We always recommend one of Holley's OE Style Fuel Modules if one is available for your vehicle.
    • A complete EFI Fuel Tank System is also a great choice.
    • If no OE module or complete Tank solution is available for your vehicle but you still want the benefits of an in-tank pump then one of these Retro-Fit Fuel Tank Modules is the right answer.
    • If you have a racing fuel cell with a 6- or 12-bolt flange around the filler neck then one of these Fuel Cell Tank Modules is ideal.
    • The Master Kit with inline fuel pump continues to be the most cost-effective and universal solution. You can choose that when you add the EFI System to your cart, above.
  • You absolutely will want a Fuel Pressure Gauge. Those who don't install one with their EFI system are invariably the ones who end up needing it.  Don't be that guy!
  • The Sniper EFI System has the capability to control ignition timing in addition to providing fuel injection. If you choose this then we recommend you upgrade to the HyperSpark Distributor System.

For more Sniper EFI System upgrade and replacement parts browse our entire selection of Sniper EFI System Components!

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Watch This Great Video On The Sniper EFI System 4150

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Owners & Installation Manual
Holley Sniper 2 EFI System (Coming Soon)

Quickstart Manual
Holley Sniper EFI System

Wiring Tips
Holley Sniper EFI System

Boost ControlNo
DIS OutputsNone
Fueling StrategySpeed Density
Includes Power HarnessYes
Injector DriversFour
Internal DataloggingNo. All datalogging done via external CAN bus device such as 3.5-inch handheld (included), laptop software, or digital display.
Knock Control Channels0
Nitrous ControlYes
Number of Cylinders8 Cylinder (Even Fire Only)
User Configurable I/OYes
User-Selectable MAP StorageNo
Water-Methanol ControlNo
Displays And Controllers
Auto BrightnessNo
CAN Bus CapableYes (Specific to Holley ECUs Only)
Case/Bezel FinishBlack
ConfigurableMonitor dozens of pre-configured metrics provided by the ECU, including sensors, air/fuel ratio, switched outputs, drive-by-wire data, and more.
Data LoggingYes
Display TypeLCD
FunctionsSetup, Monitor, Tuning
Gauge/Display Size3.5 Inch Rectangular (Optional 5-inch Display, USB Dongle, and Bluetooth Module available soon.)
Internal StorageYes (SD Card)
Throttle Bodies
Airflow Rate (CFM)800 CFM (at 1.5 Inches Hg)
Barrels (BBL)4
Gaskets IncludedYes
IAC Motor IncludedYes
Injectors IncludedYes
StyleThrottle Body Injection
Throttle Bore Diameter (ea)42.86mm
TPS Sensor IncludedYes
Fuel Injectors
Flow Rate (Lbs / Hr)100 PPH
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pressure RangeSet (58.5 PSI at idle)
StyleIntegrated in Throttle Body
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)Master Kit Only: 67.4 GPH (w/526-5 and 526-7 version). Flow rate of 526-8 is significantly less.
Flow Rate (LPH)Master Kit Only: 255 LPH (w/526-5 and 526-7 version). Flow rate of 526-8 is significantly less.
Fuel TypeMaster Kit Only: Gasoline or E85
Fuel Filters
Element MaterialMaster Kit Only: Paper
Filter TypeMaster Kit Only: Inline
Micron FiltrationMaster Kit Only: Prefilter: 20 Micron / Postfilter: 10 Micron
Mounting Bracket IncludedMaster Kit Only: No
Outside DiameterMaster Kit Only: Prefilter: 1.94 Inches / Postfilter: 2.17 Inches
Harness Type7-pin Power/Ignition/Fuel Pump, 10-Pin I/O, Wideband O2, Coolant Temp, CAN Bus (All fixed to Throttle Body)
Crank Timing
Sensor Harness IncludedNo (Ignition Adapter Only)
TypeAir Temperature, 2 BAR MAP and Throttle Position (Integrated in TB); Coolant Temperature, Wideband O2
Also Included3.5-inch Touchscreen Display
ApplicationUniversal (Requires intake manifold for square bore carburetor or adapter there-to)
ColorShiny Metallic (550-510-3XX), Ceramic Black (550-511-3XX)
Emission Code3
Unit of SaleKit

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Holley Sniper 2 EFI System

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