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-10% Sniper/Terminator X Fuel Injector Upgrade Set

Fuel Injector Upgrade for Sniper and Terminator X Stealth

So you did your homework, bought your Sniper or Terminator X Stealth EFI System, and got it running. But enough is never enough, is it? Maybe you decided to boost your engine with a turbo or supercharger. Or maybe you decided you wanted to go the E-85 route. Or both! And now those 100 pound-per-hour injectors that were in your Sniper or Terminator X Stealth EFI System just aren't able to feed the beast that you've created. What to do?

Oh sure, you can increase the fuel pressure. But you're already starting at 60 PSI with these systems. When does that increase in pressure start to be a problem? And is your fuel pump that made enough flow at 60PSI going to be able to make adequate flow against the higher pressure? And have you considered that the added pressure is going to affect your pre-programmed injector off-times?

Ok, so how am I going to get more fuel into my Sniper or Terminator X Stealth?

Easy: You're going to swap out your 100 PPH injectors for these genuine Holley direct-replacement 120 PPH injectors. Instantly, fully 20% more fuel flow at the intended fuel pressure.

Does this upgraded fuel injector set work on any Sniper or Terminator X Stealth?

Yes--but! If you have the Sniper X-Flow (either the 4- or 8-injector version) it already comes with 120 PPH injectors. So unless you're just looking to simply replace your original injectors, this is not the fuel injector upgrade set you seek for your Sniper X-Flow. (Insert Jedi hand wave here.)

Can I replace the fuel injectors in my Sniper or Terminator X Stealth myself?

Ok, now you're asking the right questions! Strictly speaking, it's really simple. Remove four screws, pull off the end cover (which serves as a fuel rail), pull & unplug the old injector, plug in & replace the new. Reassemble.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. First, recognize that as soon as you pull the injector covers off you risk voiding any warranty you have left. But if you're at this point we're guessing that warranty isn't your highest priority. But we wanted to make you aware.

Getting everything lined up when going back together is a bit of a challenge. Provided that you ensure that the o-rings are properly lubricated and carefully inserted into the bosses, and that no wire gets pinched when replacing the cover, it's not all that challenging. If you don't have a history of success in the disassembly and reassembly of small machinery, you'd better ask for some help on this. If you'd like to send us your throttle body we'll swap the injectors for you for the cost of the purchase plus $20 return shipping.

Have you done a video on injector replacement?

Indeed, our own Scott Evans has done an outstanding video on this subject. Check it out!

What do I do once I have my upgraded fuel injector set installed?

See, another good question! But it's easy--if you're comfortable using the Holley Sniper or Holley Terminator X software to configure your EFI system. Simply open your configuration in the software, go to the System Parameters icon (third from the left, after the fuel and sensors) and select EFI Parameters.

First, the rated flow per injector needs to be changed from 100 lb/hr to 120 lb/hr.

Next, the Injector off times need to be changed to match those of the 120 PPH injectors, shown below. There are two ways to do this--Harder and easier.  The harder way is by clicking on each cell of the Injector Off Time Table in the software and changing them one-by-one to the values below.  It is easier, however,  to simply select the entire top row below with your mouse, copy, then select the left-most injector off time cell in the software, and paste.  


If the talk of configuration and software makes you get a bit dizzy, remember that if you bought your EFI system from EFI System Pro, we'll be glad to build and send you a new configuration file accomodating the new upgraded fuel injector set at NO COST! On the other hand, if you were unfortunate enough not to know about EFI System Pro when you made your EFI system purchase, perhaps you might consider one of our wildly popular and incredibly affordable support service packages.

What are the specifications of the Sniper/Terminator X Replacement Injector?

  • Brand: Holley EFI (not some "generic")
  • Style: PICO/EV6
  • Rated Flow:120 PPH
  • Injector Connector: USCAR Style
  • Length: 40mm O-Ring to O-Ring
Fuel Injectors
ImpedanceHigh (12.2 Ohm)
Flow Rate (Lbs / Hr)120 PPH per injector
Driver TypeSaturated
ApplicationTerminator X Stealth Throttle Bodies & Sniper Throttle Bodies (Except Sniper X-Flow)
Emission Code3 - This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles.
Height1.85" Overall
Length1.421" O-Ring to O-Ring
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleSet of 4 Injectors

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Sniper/Terminator X Fuel Injector Upgrade Set

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