But what if you want something in addition to a passive gauge? Now you're about to find out what set's Holley apart as a professional fuel injection system. Install an optional 5.7" LCD touchscreen panel. It connects to your ECU with the same CAN bus, but allows you to not only set up a broad range of sensor displays, it also allows you to control functions on your ECU without having to use the laptop.

Note! Holley has discontinued their small 1-inch programmers with the thumb-button controller--but don't panic if you are looking for one of them! The 3.5-Inch touchscreen display is a direct replacement for both the old Avenger and Terminator programmers. The 3.5-inch touchscreen display is far, far superior to the old 1-inch programmer and only costs about $20 more, so it didn't make sense to keep that older technology around. Buy the new 3.5-inch touchscreen with confidence. As always, if you have an questions, contact us.

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3.5 Inch Touch Screen LCD

The touch screen LCD provides a dynamic range of tuning and data monitoring options in a compact 3.5..

$286.95 $257.95

7.5 Inch Digital Dash

The Holley Digital Dash is completely customizable with a variety of gauge and indicator screens tha..

$932.95 $839.95