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Chandler B.

Scott has been very helpful and informative on guiding me through the purchasing and installation of my terminator X max system. I asked him a million questions and waited a long time to save up before purchasing the system and I have asked a lot of questions throughout the installation process. He has walked me through every question I’ve had with his vast knowledge and he has responded quickly every time.

Great customer service here at efi system pro!

Posted 05/26/2022

Chucks Garage

They are the only ones got me a holley usb to can cable fast. Everyone else was backordered several months.

Posted 05/16/2022


Like many others, EFI System Pro allowed me to dial a new Holley Sniper. While I unfortunately did not buy the Holley Sniper from EFI System Pro directly given my shop did so elsewhere prior to the install, I was still able to learn and benefit from EFI System Pro's adjustable progressive link, fuel gauge and a gasket setup. Most importantly EFI System Pro's technical support articles are hugely helpful getting up to speed on basic and advanced tuning whether using the Holley handheld screen or Holley Laptop software, thereby reducing the pucker factor and steepening the learning curve. Highly recommend their article "Tuning Your Engine Start-Up" which allowed this noob to better understand the system capabilities and make slight DIY tune adjustments on the handheld to dial in a cold start challenge. Lastly, one can stop going down the bottomless rabbit hole of Holley phone support and forum threads which were beyond my ability or patience levels. EFI System Pro is amazing, they should be every customer and technician's one stop EFI shop.

Posted 12/07/2021

Registered User

Aaron Whiston

The team at EFI pro are some of the best I have ever dealt with when coming to ordering parts or having the knowledge to answer any question you may have. They always responded to my questions with guidance that helped me choose the right system for me. They also worked with me on a sale I missed and price matched those parts. I will always come back to EFIsystempro for any future efi needs.

Posted 12/01/2020

William Harden

I did not buy my holley sniper from EFI Pro Systems. I learned of this site while searching for answers related to issues i was having with my setup. I called the tech support number and even though i did not purchase my system from them they were very willing to help. I had actually called to inquire as to which upgrade card i needed for my firmware and they explained that i didn't need to purchase the upgrade and very paitently walked me through the setup. This is a first class company and i will gladly refer others to this site every chance i get.

Thanks for the outstanding service and support.

Posted 08/21/2020

Gareth Webster

I can't recommend EFI System Pro enough. Very knowledgeable about the products they sell, always happy to talk you through your options and point you in the right direction. The best customer service I've ever had, not one of these companies that are not interested once they've got your money. Easy and stress-free purchase from giving advice on what parts are needed to fast shipping.

5/5 on every level!

Posted 06/15/2020

Andy R. from NJ

Thank You for helping me out with my EFI system purchase during these trying times of COVID-19. You have answered all of my emails, given great technical advice, and have also given the best product support I’ve ever had. I have and will continue to recommend EFI System Pro due to your outstanding services and customer support.

Posted 05/22/2020

Jason Aliengena

Very Quick Shipping & Help Guides Have Been Invaluable For Setting Up My Holley Sniper. Great Company!

Posted 05/04/2020

John Frey

EFI System Pro had everything I needed for my EFI upgrade. Pricing was reasonable, shipping was prompt and Chris helped me with a wiring question during my install. The Tech Tips and discussions are also great!

Posted 05/01/2020

Greg Chapdelaine

Fast shipping, great tech support. Don’t buy your EFI anywhere else.

Posted 04/04/2020

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