Hilborn EFI Systems

Hilborn EFI Systems

Hilborn Fuel Injection--The Terminator X Way

Chances are we're not giving you your first introduction to Hilborn Fuel Injection on this webpage. If nothing else you are familiar with the iconic individual-runner intake for V8 engines. History buffs will appreciate that this design was engineered by a fellow named Stuart Hilborn started his epic work just after World War II and his induction system was responsible for record setting performances at Bonneville Salt Flats and Indianapolis.

We're not here to give a history lesson though. We're here to tell you how you can equip your engine with Hilborn Fuel Injection--not with the mechanical fuel injection that Mr. Hilborn used but with Holley Terminator X EFI technology. Holley purchased Hilborn a few years ago and committed to keeping his legacy of V8 individual-runner fuel injection alive and well.

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Hilborn IR Manifold + Terminator X EFI System for Big Block Chevrolet

Hilborn? With Holley EFI? Wow!Say what you will about Holley's tendency to buy up so many of the..

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