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CAN Bus Y-Cable for Sniper and Terminator X

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to leave the handheld controller connected on your Holley Sniper or T..

$38.83 $34.95

Universal Filter-Regulator Kit

Need a fixed-pressure fuel pressure regulator (60 PSI) for your EFI System?  Why not get one th..

$63.66 $56.92

EFI System Pro Vinyl Sticker, Business Card & Magnet Kit

Did you know what makes EFI System Pro great?  You do!  I am convinced we have the greates..


Sniper Fuel Tank 255LPH Fuel Pump Kit

If you happen to require replacement of your original 255 LPH fuel pump in your Sniper EFI Fuel Tank..

$138.83 $124.95

Sniper Fuel Tank 450 LPH Fuel Pump Kit

Do you have a Sniper EFI Fuel Tank System that needs more than the 255 LPH fuel pump can supply?&nbs..

$155.50 $139.95

10-Pin Connector Kit for Sniper EFI 10-Pin Harness

This 10-pin metripack connector kit lets you create your own custom wiring harness for your Sniper I..

$24.39 $21.95

CAN Extension Harness for Sniper and Terminator X EFI Systems

Need to extend the CAN bus harness on your Sniper or Terminator X EFI System?  This harness wil..

$38.47 $34.62

Fuel Tank System Installation Kit for Sniper EFI System

If you purchased a Holley Sniper, Tanks Inc, or FiTech Fuel Tank System to use with your Holley Snip..

$144.39 $129.95

Holley Dominator 2nd Wideband Kit

Want to add a second wideband O2 sensor to your Dominator ECU?  EFI System Pro makes this easie..

$294.68 $265.21

OE-Style Tank Module Installation Kit for Sniper EFI System

If you purchased a Holley OE-Style Fuel Tank Module to use with your Holley Sniper or similar EFI Sy..

$50.64 $44.99

In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Module Installation Kit

If you purchased one of Holley's In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Tank Modules or the Holley Sniper EFI Die-Cas..

$55.54 $49.99

Sniper EFI System Replacement SD Card

Need a new SD card for your Sniper EFI System?  This is exactly what you're looking for.The Sni..

$19.38 $17.44

Air Cleaner Stud Kit, 5-3/4 Inch Long

Did you figure out that Holley no longer includes an air cleaner stud in their Sniper or Terminator ..

$7.36 $6.62