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EFI System Pro Vinyl Sticker, Business Card & Magnet Kit

Did you know what makes EFI System Pro great?  You do!  I am convinced we have the greatest customers in the world!  Not only do you buy the many amazing EFI-related products we sell, you invite me to participate in the engineering of your dream projects, you call me and let me help when there is an issue, and you send me awesome pictures of the finished product.  I am blessed!

But that's not all.  Here is the part that humbles me:  You tell others.  We do essentially no paid advertising.  No banners, no search engine ads, none of those creepy ads for our products that pop up on some unrelated website after you visit our site.  Yet our growth has been absolutely explosive and that is because happy customers are the best advertisement.  And quite frequently, our happy customers will ask if we have any stickers or business cards they can share.

Well, now the answer is "Yes!"

This kit contains the following:

  • Two Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers of the awesome EFI System Logo (White Only)
  • 10 business cards
  • One business card done as a magnet for your toolbox or refrigerator

Don't Pay For This Kit!

I'm going to let you in on a secret. I have a mailing list I use to stay in touch with the best-of-the-best customers. I don't send out a whole lot of email but when I do I try to make it personal and talk about things that might interest you. Like a new article on our EFI Pro Hangout blog, a money-saving coupon code or promotion, or a relevant new product announcement. I have already provided those list members the coupon code that will allow you to get this kit for free and I will send the same coupon code to you! Simply register as a customer at the link below and be sure to tick the "Subscribe" box under the Newsletter section. Or if you are already a registered customer but didn't subscribe yet log into your account and subscribe.

Register Here!

After you subscribe you will receive a welcome email containing the coupon code. If you are already a member and don't recall receiving that, just contact me and I'll send it right out!

(We will be limiting the amount of free kits to one per customer initially.  If you need more please contact us and I will eagerly consider your request.)

Having Trouble Using Your Coupon Code?

Yes, it's a little tricky. Everything about the way the site is designed tries to encourage you to go to the checkout page. But the coupon code entry is found only on the shopping cart page. Hoover over the blue shopping cart icon in the upper-right corner and then click the "View Cart" button that appears. You'll see "Use Coupon Code"--click and you can enter the code there!

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EFI System Pro Vinyl Sticker, Business Card & Magnet Kit

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