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-10% 10-Pin Connector Kit for Sniper EFI 10-Pin Harness

This 10-pin metripack connector kit lets you create your own custom wiring harness for your Sniper I/O signals or replace the connector on the original harness that came with the Sniper. Get a sound-professional result by using a new connector rather than trying to splice the old one.  This kit contains the connector shell, uncrimped pins, seals, pugs, and wire retainer.  No wire is included.  For best results use a professional-grade crimping tool designed for Metri-Pack 150 pins. We have been able to achieve good results with this relatively inexpensive crimp tool.

The image at the right shows you the location of the wires on the Sniper 10-pin connector and the list below provides the individual colors for each signal.  (Slightly different color-to-signal for nitrous-enabled Sniper setups.  See Sniper EFI instruction manual for details.)

Pin Position | Color | Name - Comments:

  • A | Orange | Input #1 (-) Optional – Connect to a ground triggered A/C relay
  • B | Yellow | Input #2 (-) Optional – Connect to a programmable ground input
  • C | Light Blue | Output #1 (-) Optional – Connect to Fan #1 relay ground trigger
  • D | Light Green | Output #2 (-) Optional – Connect to Fan #2 relay ground trigger
  • E | Grey Output | #6 (-) Optional – Connect to ground side trigger of A/C shutdown relay
  • F | White | Points Output – Used to trigger a CD ignition box or the included Coil Driver Module
  • G | Dark Brown | Tach Output – Used to drive an aftermarket tachometer
  • H | Tan | Digital Gauge Output – Used to drive Holley EFI analog gauges via 554-130 Gauge Module

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10-Pin Connector Kit for Sniper EFI 10-Pin Harness

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