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-10% Terminator X EFI System Replacement SD Card

The little SD card in your Terminator X Handheld unit is incredibly convenient--until you lose one, step on it, dog eats it, or it just comes up corrupted. Then you're stuck wondering what to do next.

Lest someone suggest that we're capitalizing on your misery, let us point out that it is possible for you to create a replacement Terminator X SD card on your own. You'd need a 4GB SD, then download the SD card contents at the Holley EFI Download Page, then unzip them and load them onto the SD card. Be sure to get the right version for your Terminator X system (two different versions are available at the time of this writing.)

If you got to "download" in the paragraph above your head started swimming, or to "unzip" and drew a blank, then you might be in the right spot. Buy a replacement SD card here. The price includes ground shipping in the US48 (a bit more for international shipping.) Basically just plug it in and go. Following the included instructions will ensure your success.

When you insert this into your handheld for the first time it will re-flash your firmware to the indicated version.  You should then backup your Sniper configuration, reflash the ECU firmware, and re-install the configuration.  All of this is discussed in the included instructions (see below.)

Which Version Do I Need?

  • V1.x: Most Terminator X & X-Max EFI Systems not requiring V2.
  • V2.x: GM Gen V LT DI Kits; Also systems with Hemi VVT, SRV and Chrysler 46RE Trans Control.

While it normally makes sense to upgrade to the latest build within the version you are currently running we don't normally recommend upgrading from version 1.x to version 2.x. These two versions contain entirely different sets of functionalities. If your Terminator X currently has version 1.x you will not gain anything by upgrading to version 2.x. In fact, we have not tested to confirm that you won't lose functionality by switching from 1 to 2.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

 Installation & Configuration Guide
Terminator X EFI System Replacement SD

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Terminator X EFI System Replacement SD Card

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