-10% Sniper 2GC EFI System

EFI Replacement for the Rochester 2GC Small Bore Carburetor

The first thing to ask yourself before buying the Sniper 2GC EFI System to replace the Rochester 2GC carburetor on your car or truck is, "Do my requirements mandate the use of a 2GC direct-replacement. This could be the case if you have a very tight hood clearance issue (no room for an adapter plate), if you are unwilling to replace your 2GC air filter setup and if you are interested in the easiest possible, direct-fit installation. If this is the case then this EFI system was designed with you in mind.

However, if the paragraph doesn't precisely describe you then you may want to consider the Sniper 2300 EFI System. Holley 2300 system flows far more air, costs significantly less, and can usually be adapted to any 2GC intake manifold with an inexpensive adapter. Check it out.


Check out these features of the Sniper 2GC EFI System:

  • Bolts directly to factory 2GC manifold
  • Connects directly to factory linkage
  • Mates directly to factory air cleaner assembly
  • Self-configuring, self-learning
  • Includes built-in fuel pressure regulator
  • Visually amazing 3.5-inch touchscreen provides both setup and monitoring
  • Available in Shiny Metallic, Ceramic Black, or Classic Gold


The Sniper 2GC makes this easy. Toss that old 2GC carburetor because this bolts directly in place of the original 2GC carburetor on the factory manifold and connects to the factory linkage. Yes, you will install an O2 sensor and Holley makes that easy with a clamp-on O2 sensor bung--no welding required. Screw in a coolant temperature sensor, wire up power, ground, and your ignition and you've done with the EFI system installation.


Think the installation was easy? Then you will really love the configuration! A gorgeous 3.5-inch touchscreen display is included in the kit and lights up when you first key on the system. Select "Wizards" and be prepared to answer some questions so easy you'll feel like a genius. Questions like "How Many Cylinders" and "Engine Displacement". (Hint: If you need some help on that last one it's probably 258.) The Wizard completes the configuration and pre-programs a perfect start-up tune. By starting the engine and driving the tune just gets better with time--without you doing anything other than enjoying yourself.

Recommended With Your Sniper 2GC EFI System:

  • You will need an EFI Fuel System. We have several solutions!
    • We always recommend one of Holley's OE Style Fuel Modules if one is available for your vehicle.
    • A complete EFI Fuel Tank System is also a great choice.
    • If no OE module or complete Tank solution is available for your vehicle but you still want the benefits of an in-tank pump then one of these Retro-Fit Fuel Tank Modules is the right answer.
    • The Master Kit with inline fuel pump continues to be the most cost-effective and universal solution. You can choose that when you add the EFI System to your cart, above.
  • You absolutely will want a Fuel Pressure Gauge. Those who don't install one with their EFI system are invariably the ones who end up needing it. Don't be that guy!
  • The Sniper EFI System has the capability to control ignition timing in addition to providing fuel injection. If you choose this then we recommend you upgrade to the HyperSpark Distributor System.

Everyone says, "Buy From EFISystemPro.Com". Why?

When you buy it here at EFISystemPro.Com, that means we're on standby to answer your questions. Our level-3 tech support will gladly talk you through any challenge--just try to get that sort of personal service from a big-box auto performance store! Because here at EFISystemPro.Com, our look is high-end professional, but our service after the sale is home-town helpful!

Watch This Great Video On The Sniper 2GC!

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Owners & Installation Manual
Holley Sniper BBD EFI System

Quickstart Manual
Holley Sniper BBDEFI System

Wiring Tips
Holley Sniper EFI System

Boost Control Yes
DIS Outputs None
Family Sniper
Fueling Strategy Speed Density
Includes Power Harness Yes
Injector Drivers Two
Internal Datalogging 4GB
Knock Control Channels 0
Nitrous Control Yes
Number of Cylinders 4, 6, or 8 Cylinder (Even Fire Only)
User Configurable I/O Yes
User-Selectable MAP Storage No
Water-Methanol Control No
Displays And Controllers
Auto Brightness No
CAN Bus Capable Yes (Specific to Holley ECUs Only)
Case/Bezel Finish Black
Configurable Monitor dozens of pre-configured metrics provided by the ECU, including sensors, air/fuel ratio, switched outputs, drive-by-wire data, and more.
Data Logging Yes
Display Type LCD
Functions Setup, Monitor, Tuning
Gauge/Display Size 3.5 Inch Rectangular
Internal Storage Yes (SD Card)
Touchscreen Yes
Throttle Bodies
Airflow Rate (CFM) 370 CFM (at 3 Inches Hg)
Barrels (BBL) 2
Gaskets Included Yes
IAC Motor Included Yes
Injectors Included Yes
Style Throttle Body Injection
TPS Sensor Included Yes
Fuel Injectors
Flow Rate (Lbs / Hr) 100 PPH x2
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pressure Range Set (58.5 PSI at idle)
Rebuildable Yes
Style Integrated in Throttle Body
Fuel Filters
Element Material Master Kit Only: Paper
Filter Type Master Kit Only: Inline
Micron Filtration Master Kit Only: Prefilter: 20 Micron / Postfilter: 10 Micron
Mounting Bracket Included Master Kit Only: No
Outside Diameter Master Kit Only: Prefilter: 1.94 Inches / Postfilter: 2.17 Inches
Harness Type 7-pin Power/Ignition/Fuel Pump, 10-Pin I/O, Wideband O2, Coolant Temp, CAN Bus (All fixed to Throttle Body)
Terminated Yes
Type Air Temperature, 2 BAR MAP and Throttle Position (Integrated in TB); Coolant Temperature, Wideband O2
Also Included 3.5-inch Touchscreen Display
Application Direct-Fit for intake manifolds designed for Rochester 2GC SmalL Bore Carburetor
Color Shiny Silver (550-864), Ceramic Black (550-865) or Classic Gold (550-866)
Emission Code 3
Unit of Sale Kit

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Sniper 2GC EFI System

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