Holley Spring Cleaning Inventory Liquidation

What YOU Need To Know About The Holley 2024 Liquidation Sale!

(Check out the DAILY SALE UPDATES below!)

What's This About??

Holley is LIQUIDATING INVENTORY on select parts of its product line. Starting with over 8000 part number representing some of the most incredible brands and products they offer.

What Kind Of Discounts Are We Talking About?

Discounts vary from product to product but are far below pricing at which these products have ever been offered. Most EFI systems have been discounted by over $400 and some by over $1000.

How Do I Find Discounted Items?

Discounts have already been applied across the website. We're calling out the very best deals in our DAILY UPDATES below.

Those Prices Are Pretty Good But How Do I Find More?

Sure, we're calling out the very best scores on EFI systems in the updated below.  But if you'd like to literally see EVERY SINGLE ITEM that is included in this sale, we've build a spreadsheet of the THOUSANDS of parts in all Holley brands. You can download it, sort, and shop to your heart's content. When you find the things you want you don't lose time by trying to find them on a website.  You can call us at 800-880-0960, use the online chat at the fly-out tab at the right, or use our contact form. We'll process the order in person and secure your savings before they go out of stock.

How Long?

Only while supplies last. None of these products will be made available again so when the last one is sold that item is gone forever.

Update: 11 May

Yes--the sale continues! Lots has been sold but some solid deals still remain. In addition to the Teminator Stealth EFI Systems (where we have secured all of the Dominator version that remain) these continue to be a great opportunity:

Daily Hot Deals:

Be sure to check out the Daily Hot Deals from previous days as well as they continue to be valid until inventory is sold!

Update: 6 May

OOPS! When we updated the remaining quantities of sale items on Friday we inadvertently reverted to the old pricing on anything that was no longer in stock at Holley. In most cases, that wsn't a problem, as that most often means that that item is discontinued and none remain. But in the case of the Terminator Stealth kits, where we bought all of Holley's inventory, that was a noticeable error! But with the help of customer Ted Blakeslee (who later helped himself to the LAST Terminator Stealth EFI System with Dominator ECU in the gold color AFTER we fixed the prices) we've been made aware of our error and everything is now correct.

Daily Hot Deal: While lots of folks are jumping on the new Sniper 2 EFI System (and rightly so!) there is a lot of reason to consider the Sniper Xflow systems. We are surprised that Holley has discontinued these because they are one of our favorite of the Sniper 4150 family. They flow more than the standard Sniper (never a bad thing in EFO), have higher-flowing injectors (again, never a bad thing) and are available in either 4- or 8-injector versions. But act fast: We're down to just gold-colored and those will be gone soon as well: Sniper XFlow EFI System, was $1619.95 for the 4-injector version, now only $1133.96--a savings of nearly $500, or opt for the 8-injector and save even more!

Update: 29 April

It's hard to pick a just one sale-shopper to single out for recognition on any given day. Lots of folks scoring huge savings--including a good number picking up those Terminator Stealth Trans Control systems with the Dominator ECU. But I'm going to give the nod to Victor Swat from far away (from us) Sydney, Australia for picking up one of the 550-444 Terminator Stealth EFI Systems with the HP ECU.  Victor saved nearly $1000 and still gets the same amazing EFI System Pro Platinum Support Plan, a $595 value, for free with his EFI system.  You can too!

Daily Hot Deal: It's hard to suggest that anything is a hotter deal than what we recommended last time, so we'll stick with it. Terminator Stealth Universal 4BBL TBI Systems, which let you score one of the systems that include the Dominator ECU for $200 LESS than the cost of the Dominator ECU by itself! Remember, only the systems that list transmission control (550-442, 550-443, and 550-445) have the Dominator ECU, although the others are also a smoking-hot deal with their HP ECU.

Update: 24 April

And things continue at a great pace! The shopper of the day today is Reid Wilson, a man who clearly knows a deal when he sees one. Reid scored a Holley 550-440 Terminator Stealth System at $900 off the normal price.

Those new to Holley EFI might overlook the impact of that deal so let me explain. These TERMINATOR (not Terminator X) systems feature Holley's HP or Dominator ECU--not the Terminator X ECU. Yes, Terminator X is a great system for what it is. But the HP/Dominator family are a vast leap ahead in both capability and durability. And get this: On the 550-442, 550-443, and 550-445 (kits withe transmission control that include the Dominator ECU) your price during this sale is $200 LESS than the price for just the ECU.

Daily Hot Deal: Obviously, Terminator Stealth Universal 4BBL TBI Systems, was (starting at) $2826.95, now (starting at) $1928.71...and the savings only increase as as you "option up" your Terminator Stealth to Dominator status!

Update: 22 April

Huge weekend is past and many great part numbers are now part of Holley history:

  • 565-203BK Dist., Dual Sync, Chrysler Wedge, Black
  • 550-1006 TERMINATOR X STEALTH 4150, 8 INJ, GOLD
  • 550-1075 TERMINATOR X STEALTH 4150 2X4 - BLACK

See something here you are kicking yourself for not buying BEFORE it went ouf of stock forever? Don't panic--let us know. In some cases we can work miracles by finding the same part as part of a bigger kit or, in other cases, by building it from parts.

Shopper of the weekend award goes to Cole McMillan. Not only was Cole sharp enough to buy his Sniper BBD EFI System during the inventory reduction sale, he ALSO took advantage of our FREE Personalized EFI System Recommendation service. He received a list of every single part he'd need to be successful installing teh BBD on his Jeep CJ, right down to the Novak fuel tank module and HyperSpark Ignition System, and ordered it all. Want to be smart like Cole? Then complete this simple form and, an hour or two later, you'll have your own EFI system recommendation. Nice!

Daily Hot Deal: In some cases Holley is discontinuing specific colors of EFI systems while retaining other colors. This represents a buying opportunity for sure! One example is the 8-injector, Transmission-control versions of the Terminator X Stealth Universal 4BBL TBI Systems. If you want black you'll still be paying $2,939.49, but if you can settle for silver or gold the price is now only $2224.73--a savings of over $700!

Update: 19 April

Amazingly, the Dual Sync distributor that was on yesterday's list of recommended items is still available as of this writing. Surprising, since the dual-sync distributor will work with any of Holley's EFI systems, including the Sniper and Terminator X Stealth. Some Chrysler owner is missing out here!

Shoppers of the day award goes to Dave Somersall and Phillip Klapp, who each scored one of the heavily-discounted Sniper X-Flow and Sniper BBD EFI Systems, respectively. Why are Dave and Phillip so "in the know"?  Both are subscribers to our EFISystemPro mailing list, where we give advance notification of sales and offer helpful EFI techniques. Not a member? Sign up now.

Daily Hot Deal: Sniper Quadrajet EFI System (Silver), was $1558.80, now only $1090.56

Update: 18 April

The Holley Sniper 4150 in gold that we recommended earlier this week is now SOLD OUT, part of Holley EFI history. But so much is remains! What will you find?

Daily Hot Deals: Distributors!

Update: 17 April

Day 3 of Holley's inventory liquidation sale and inventory is selling out of stock as fast as we can update the spreadsheet. The big sellers seem to be Brother's Trucks products. Who knew? Better download that spreadsheet to find the parts that will fit your truck and contact us with your order.

Daily Hot Deal: 350 LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump Modules for the 1962-65 Chevy II and Nova and the 1963-67 Chevrolet Corvette. Either one for only $344.46. That's fully $85 off the previous price for the Corvette version and in both cases still less than the 250 LPH version that is not beig discontinued!

Update: 16 April

Another strong day for scoring deals! Folks definitely agreed with yesterday's recommendation on the Sniper BBD, making it today's big seller. But there are still more in stock so I expect this will continue to be a big seller. We did have to disappoint Chris Buscetta when the last 92mm weld-on flange was sold before his order. We're removing the items from the spreadsheet as they go out of stock so when you see something act quickly so it doesn't get snapped up before you.

Daily Hot Deal: Sniper 2300 2-BBL, 4-Injector Version. Because Holley is continuing with the 2300 2-Injector version, these 4-injector versions are actually LESS EXPENSIVE than the 2-injector ones WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Was $1363.95 in silver, now only $954.76!

Update: 15 April

Huge kickoff day! The Sniper 4150 Gold 550-516 were the hot sellers of the day. The Savvy Shopper award goes to Ron Larson, who scored a Sniper XFlow 550-540 for only $1133.96 (Reg $1640), a nice Spal 16-inch electric fan, and a whole bevvy of Brothers Trucks components. Honorable mentionto Bruce Baker, who walked off with a a sharp Simpson Tatu Travel Jacket and three Fender Gripper fender protectors for just over $50. Nice shopping!

Daily Hot Deals: Sniper BBD EFI System (Gold) for Jeep CJ, was $1229.95, now only $881.96