Fuel Tank Modules

We now have three types of Tank Modules:

Holley OE-Style Fuel Tank Module

With the advent of OE replacement EFI Fuel Tanks from Tanks Inc and Holley Sniper EFI, we thought the standard for low-cost, easy installation, and professional results in EFI fuel systems was set. But this kicks it up to an entirely new level.

Now, for a limited number of applications, you can put a 255 LPH pump AND a fixed fuel pressure regulator IN YOUR ORIGINAL TANK. Re-use the factory hard line, replace any existing carbureted fuel hose with a quality EFI-Rated Fuel Hose, wire in the fuel pump power and level sender wiring, and you are done. Let me be clear here: If you are installing an EFI system in one of the cars below, and provided you are not making more than 650 horsepower or running E85, there is no better choice for your EFI fuel system. End of story.

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Holley Fuel Cell Tank Modules

Do you have an aftermarket fuel cell into which you'd like to put a complete high-performance EFI fuel pump system, capable of horsepower ratings up to 2000 HP? Check these out:

Holley Fuel Cell Tank Modules for 6-Bolt Flange Tanks 

Holley Fuel Cell Tank Modules for 12 or 24-Bolt Flange Tanks

Holley Sniper Fuel Cell Tank Modules for 6- or 12-Bolt Flange Tanks

Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules

Now you can turn virtually any tank into an EFI fuel tank with these EFI Retrofit Kits:

Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Kits (255 or 450 LPH)

Sniper EFI Die-Cast Retrofit Kits (340 LPH)

Retrofit Module Installation Component Kit


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Holley OE-Style Fuel Tank Module, 78-87 Malibu, Cutlass, Regal, Grand Prix

So, you're making the switch to EFI.  Or maybe you're stepping into an LS Swap.  But your ..

$366.95 $329.95

Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules

If you have already confirmed that no OE-Style Fuel Tank Module or complete Fuel Tank System exists ..

$472.95 $424.95

Holley Sniper Die-Cast In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules

Retrofit fuel tank modules that allow you to install an in-tank EFI fuel pump into traditional fuel ..

$345.95 $310.95

OE-Style Tank Module Installation Kit for Sniper EFI System

If you purchased a Holley OE-Style Fuel Tank Module to use with your Holley Sniper or similar EFI Sy..

$51.61 $46.45

In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Module Installation Kit

If you purchased one of Holley's In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Tank Modules or the Holley Sniper EFI Die-Cas..

$55.54 $49.99