-10% Holley Sniper 340 LPH Fuel Cell Tank Modules

When Holley introduced their Fuel Cell Tank Modules for fuel cells with the most common 6-bolt filler neck flanges and 12-bolt filler neck flanges, we thought these were unbeatable.

Well, consider them beaten. At least in cases where 340 LPH of fuel is adequate.

These new fuel cell tank modules, manufactured by Holley under their budget-friendly Sniper brand, are absolutely perfect for the far-and-away majority of racers out there who are looking for a drop-in fuel tank module for their 6- and 12-bolt flanged fuel cells. What makes them better than the Holley version for applications within the 340 LPH flow range? Let me list the reasons

  • Price:  By moving from a billet to a cast aluminum "hat", the Sniper leaves money in your pocket. Since the design is essentially identical other than the material, and since roughly zero percent of racers will find an advantage in having a billet aluminum hat instead of this cast aluminum version, this is pure savings.
  • Incorporated Regulator Option:  The Holley version does offer a lot of goodness but it does NOT offer an in-tank regulator. If having a fixed-pressure fuel system (60 PSI at 13.5 volts) works for you then why add a regulator and return line? This further reduces cost and unneeded complexity.
  • Flow Rating and E-85 Compatibility:  Yes, you can get the Holley fuel cell tank module with an E85 compatible pump. But it is 450 LPH and, again, the majority of users out there don't need that sort of fuel flow. By incorporating this 340 LPH E85-compatible pump this cell covers the requirements of the majority of users. Need more flow? The Holley version is available for you. But when you put too much fuel pump it you not only add cost but add "churn" to the fuel system, potentially increasing the heat in the fuel.
  • -6 AN Male Fittings--INCLUDED!   The Holley Fuel Cell Tank Module comes with huge -10 AN feed and -8 AN return ports (without fittings.) That's great if you need that much fuel. But the -6 AN ports on this Sniper unit will flow all the fuel that the 340 LPH pump can produce, plus they include the male fittings. That means you can directly attach your -6 AN Male hose ends or use a Vapor Guard -6 AN Female to 3/8-inch Hosebarb Adapter and make quick, inexpensive work of plumbing.

These Sniper units offer a return port on both the internally-regulated (returnless) and externally-regulated versions. This means you can start out wtih the internally-regulated version then add your own external regulator if you like. Perfect!

The fuel cell modules fits in most flanges on fuel cells made by Jaz, Summit, Jegs, RCI, Speedmaster and Speedway.  Intallation couldn't be easier.  Unbolt the existing filler flange and set the pump height and install this new fuel cell tank module.  The module has a big -10 feed and -8 return O-Ring Boss fittings so this thing can really support some huge fuel flow.  Sealed electric pass-through as well as screw-on filler cap is included in this beautiful anodized billet aluminum assembly.

Watch These Videos!

No video is yet available on this new product but this video of the Holley fuel cell tank module gives you the general concept.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Instructions
Sniper 340 LPH Fuel Cell Tank Modules

Fluid Fittings
Inlet Size-8 AN Female O-Ring Boss (3/4-16)
Outlet Size-10 AN Female O-Ring Boss (7/8-14)
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pressure RangeTypically regulated to 60 PSI
StyleIn-Tank Return
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)90 GPH (Free Flow / 0 PSI)
Flow Rate (LPH)340 LPH (Free Flow / 0 PSI)
Fuel SystemEFI or Carburetor (each requires appropriate external return-style pressure regulator)
Fuel TypeGasoline or E85
Fuel Filters
Element MaterialDepth Media
Filter TypePre-Filter
Filtration Level40 Micron Pre-Pump Filter. Additional 10 Micron Post-Pump Filter Required for EFI Applications
Also IncludedFuel Filler Port with Screw-On Cap
ApplicationMost Jaz, Summit, Jegs, RCI, Speedmaster and Speedway fuel cells with 6-Bolt, 4.375-inch flange
HeightFits Fuel Cells 7.5- to 12-inches deep
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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Holley Sniper 340 LPH Fuel Cell Tank Modules

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