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"When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child...."  1 Cor 13:11

When you move up to EFI it is time for grown-up tools. Yes, that dial-in style timing light was nifty when you got it.  Is it accurate?  Was it ever accurate?  You probably have no idea, and the truth is that dial-in lights are notoriously inaccurate and tend to introduce their own inductive delay as RPMs increase.  In other words, they are useless (or worse) for the world in which you now operate as an EFI guru.

But this MSD Pro Timing Light is worthy of your toolbox.  Yes--it has no dial feature.  Now that you're playing in the big leagues you've installed a scribed harmonic balancer or added a timing tape so you don't need no stinking dial.  What you do need is a light that is going to provide a blinding flash of light at the moment of the spark so you can read those timing scribes.  One that works with all types of spark plug wires and doesn't have fits with spiral wires.  One with a clamp that's not going to melt the instant it comes into contact with your header.  You know--a professional timing light.

This is your all-grown-up timing light. And while they tell us this will work to 10,000 RPM we're not hanging our face over anyone's engine to check timing at 10,000 RPM. Because we're grown-up and know better.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Instruction Guide
MSD Pro Timing Light

Also IncludedDetachable Clamp-On Inductive Pickup and Carrying Case
OEM ReplacementN/A
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Professional Timing Light

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