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EFI System Pro Tech Support & Tuning Service

We absolutely love helping folks be a success with their EFI Systems!  There is no doubt that we provide customers who buy their systems from us the best support in the business--at no additional cost!  But what if you didn't know about EFI System Pro when you bought your EFI system?  Or if you need tuning for your EFI System.  Good news--we're here for you too!  Check out these levels of support.

Level 0: Technical Inquiry

Hey, we will never get too busy to offer a recommendation or word of advice for that EFI system owner who finds themselves perplexed by some issue. Or, if you think your problem probably needs one of the higher levels of support but want to run it past us first, this is for you! There is no charge--simply visit our Contact Page and use the inquiry form there to ask away!

  • Plan Name: Inquiry
  • Contact Method: Email
  • Response Time: 2-3 Business Days (Max)
  • Availability: Business Hours*
  • Tuning Support: N/A
  • Type of Work:
       - Analysis of problem
       - Brief, friendly suggestions, and/or
       - Recommendations of appropriate fee-based support.
  • Cost: FREE!

Level 1: Incident Response

Do you have this one nagging problem that nobody is able to solve? Have you been on hold for hours with your vendor's tech support only to get a lame response? Have you gotten the best that the Facebook user's pages and forums have to offer and come up short? Give us a shot.

  • Plan Name: Incident Response
  • Contact Method: Email
  • Response Time: 2-3 Business Days (Max)
  • Availability: Business Hours*
  • Tuning Support: N/A
  • Type of Work:
       - Up to Two Datalogs Read (Including Configuration File)
       - Detailed suggestions and recommendations provided by email
  • Cost: $120.00
  • Cost Basis: Per Incident

Level 2: Configuration Enhancement

Do you need someone to go with you through your configuration file and apply best practices in fuel, timing, and target AFR? Maybe you are not a computer person but you want to use some of the features of your EFI system that can only be configured using a laptop. We hear you and are here for you. Send us your configuration file or we'll build one for you from scratch. Then, data log your engine's operation and provide it back with what your own eyes/ears/gut is telling you for further refinement.

  • Plan Name: Configuration Enhancement
  • Contact Method: Email
  • Response Time: Same Business Day
  • Availability: Business Hours*
  • Tuning Support: Configuration file customization only
  • Type of Work:
    Everything offered in Level 1 plus...
       - Same day response to questions
       - Two additional datalog review sessions
       - Configuration file customized (one plus one refinement)
  • Cost: $220.00
  • Cost Basis: Per Incident

Level 3: Platinum EFI System Support

This is the amazing level of support we offer for two years at no additional charge to all owners of EFI Systems purchased from EFI System Pro.  In fact, if you are on this page it is probably because you've heard how we take customer service to a new extreme.  We are willing to offer this same level of support to any EFI system owner under the terms of our Level 3 Platinum EFI System Support.

  • Plan Name: Platinum EFI System Support
  • Contact Method: Direct Cell Phone, Email, Text (as you prefer.)
  • Response Time: Immediate or typically within 1 hour
  • Availability: Waking Hours**
  • Tuning Support: Configuration file customization only
  • Type of Work:
    Everything offered in Level 2 plus...
       - 1 hour or less response time
       - Unlimited datalog review
       - Unlimited configuration customization
       - Willing to work with you or your installer/shop
  • Cost: $595.00
  • Cost Basis: Per Year

Level 4: Custom Tuning And Support Services Currently Not Available

Get a precision-built custom EFI system tune to your engine's specific requirements. These tunes are designed to allow you to extract the maximum performance from your naturally aspirated, boosted, and/or nitrous-sprayed engine. Based on over 50 different data points covering everything from specifics regarding cylinder head brand, valve size, cam lift and duration, and much more we will build an initial tune and then work with you to gather the logged data necessary to refine this tune into one that will allow your engine to most closely meet your specific requirements.

  • Plan Name: Custom Tuning And Support Services
  • Contact Method: Email (Tuning Process) / Cell Phone (Follow-Up Support)
  • Response Time: Demand dependent
  • Availability: As scheduled
  • Tuning Support: Exactly!
  • Type of Work:
       - Custom tune to specific engine requirements
       - Updates as required to achieve customer goal
  • Cost Basis: $350 (Sniper), $375 (Terminator X / HP), $400 (Terminator X-Max / Dominator)
  • Tuning for other brand ECU's available as well--please inquire

Level 5:Team Member Currently Not Available

This is a level of service that is very exclusive. As a member of your racing team you will have unrestricted access to our most skilled tuners, plus the opportunity to have them physically in your pit stall or at your Dyno event.  The number of participants is tightly limited to prevent time conflicts between customers from limiting our availability at key events. This situation is ideal for that budding professional racing team who needs full access to the finest tuning skills available but cannot fund the cost on a full-time basis. Participation as a Team Member includes an annual retainer fee and an application process. If your racing team could benefit from the dedicated services of a tuner please contact us regarding availability

  • Plan Name: Team Member
  • Contact Method: Cell Phone (Consultation); Live (Events)
  • Response Time: Immediate or within 1 Hour (Consultation); Live (Events)
  • Availability: Waking Hours**(Consultation); As scheduled (Events)
  • Tuning Support: Of Course!
  • Type of Work:
       - Unlimited consultation
       - Unlimited event participation (as scheduled)
       - Unlimited on-site tuning (as scheduled)
       - Five remote tuning sessions
  • Cost: $995 annual retainer, $80 per event-hour (Events Only), reasonable travel expenses (Events Only)
  • Cost Basis: Annual

*Business Hours: Weekdays 10 AM - 7 PM

**Waking Hours: Every Day 9 AM - 9 PM

Times subject to availability and provide a general guide only.  Time zones vary by assigned tuner.

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EFI System Pro Tech Support & Tuning Service

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