One of the benefits of the Holley EFI software is that it allows you to input custom sensor configurations, allowing you to use virtually any sensor available. As you weigh that benefit out in your mind, remember that sometimes it is going to be much cheaper in terms of both time and money (not to mention peace of mind) to simply swap out that really unusual sensor for one of these you can simply select in the Holley setup software! Even in those cases where you have to create a bushing or adapter or even drill and thread, you are generally miles ahead once you are done to use one of these.

Note: The Oxygen Sensor is one exception to Holley's ability to use other brands of sensor. Select the Bosch if you are only running pump gas or else opt for the NTK.

Choose From:

Air Temperature

Coolant Temperature

Exhaust Gas Temperature

G Force

Liquid/Gas Pressure

Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)

Throttle Position


Wideband Oxygen

Not sure which one is right? Contact us and we'll be glad to help!

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