-11% 1/4-Inch EGT Probe, Open Tip, 90-Degree

This 90-degree Open-Tip EGT Probe is also sold as part of the Holley's complete 8-Channel EGT Kit.  That kit includes everything you need to couple 8 channels of exhaust temperature sensing with your HP or Dominator ECU (including Terminator systems that include the HP or Dominator ECU.)  Installing eight of these probes along with the required controller and wiring harness allows you to sense exhaust temperatures from 32-degrees to 2282-degrees Fahrenheit (0-1250 Degrees Celsius.)  Works with the Holley HP and Dominator ECU or any other ECU or data-logger that can accept 5-volt analog voltage temperature sensor inputs.

Nothing beats precise exhaust temperature reading of each cylinder to know exactly what is going on in your engine. This kit provides the needed information to perform fuel adjustment at the cylinder level. Includes:

  • 8-Channel EGT Module, Powered via CAN Bus connection
  • EGT Module Main Harness with EGT Probe Connectors
  • 1/4-Inch 90-Degree EGT Probe (8)
  • CAN Harness Extension (4-foot)
  • Stainless Steel Weld Bungs (8)

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Sheet
Holley EFI 8-Channel EGT Kit

Range2282-degrees Fahrenheit (0-1250 Degrees Celsius.)
TypeExhaust Gas Sensor (EGT) 8-Channel
Emission Code4
Unit of SaleEach

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1/4-Inch EGT Probe, Open Tip, 90-Degree

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