Fuel System Kits

Fuel System Kits

Upgrading a carbureted classic to fuel injection? Or maybe you are building from scratch and need all of the components of a complete fuel system. Holley wants to make things super-easy and has assembled these Fuel System Kits for your convenience. All of these systems are capable of handling just over 600 HP naturally aspirated, or a bit over 500 HP if you are using forced induction.

Choose From These Complete Kits:

  • Kit 1: 65 GPH Billet Holley Pump, Stainless Hose, Swivel Hose Ends
  • Kit 2: 65 GPH Billet Holley Pump, Black Hose, Swivel Hose Ends
  • Kit 3: 67 GPH Walbro Pump, Super-Stock Hose and Hose Ends
  • Kit 4: 67 GPH Walbro Pump, Super-Stock Hose and Barbed Hose Ends
  • Sniper EFI Master Fuel System Kit: Airtex or 67 GPH Walbro Pump, Earl's Vapor Guard Hose and Hose Ends
  • Dual Fuel Tank Fuel EFI System Kit: The perfect solution for trucks with two factory fuel tanks.

...Or Build Your Own From These Components

Step 1: Select A Pump and Filters

Step 2: Add A Regulator (Not Required for all EFI Systems)

Step 3: Add Fuel Hose and Clamps / Hose Ends

Step 4: Include Other Components As Required

Not sure? Order by phone! We will help engineer your fuel system and make this easy.

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