MPFI Throttle Bodies

MPFI Throttle Bodies

The throttle bodies on this page are all designed for multi-point fuel injection systems. They require an intake manifold that can be fitted with fuel injectors. They may have accommodation for secondary fuel injectors but those that do are not intended to be used in applications without primary fuel injectors (normally mounted in the intake manifold.) For installing fuel injection onto engines with carburetor-style intake manifolds (without fuel injector bosses) take a look at these TBI Throttle Bodies.

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Throttle Bodies & Accessories for 4150 and 4500 Flange Intakes

GM LS Throttle Bodies

GM TPI High-Flow OE Replacement Throttle Bodies

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Throttle Body Airfoil Kit

Talk about a smooth operator! This Holley airfoil kit easily adapts to the stock GM throttle body on..

$126.00 $112.95