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-10% Sniper EFI Coil (HyperSpark or Traditional)

Now available in two styles!

HyperSpark Coil  We are really impressed with the new Sniper EFI HyperSpark Coil from Holley.  This is a solid, ruggedly-built coil encased in a solid aluminum heat-sink mount that has a price that is closer to that of an oil-filled canister coil but offer the electronic noise resistance and cooling capability you expect from a modern factory coil.  This coil can work with virtually any application that requires an external coil but was designed specifically for the Sniper EFI HyperSpark Ignition box.  It includes a pigtail harness but if you use this with the Hyperspark Ignition you'll find that it is plug-and-play with the custom wiring harness that is included with the ignition. This may be the easiest ignition you've ever installed!  This coil has an HEI-style (male) coil wire connector.  Holley recommends that this coil not be used with a coil driver module but only with the HyperSpark ignition box.  Use the canister-style Sniper EFI Coil instead.

Traditional-Look Canister Coil  Folks were loving the new HyperSpark Ignition System when it was released a while back but the old-school purists took some exception to the modern-looking style of the Heat-Sink mounted coil. Holley responded by giving them their own coil. But while the look may be old-school it is all modern technology on the inside. Rather than being an oil-filled coil this one is encased in premium epoxy and sports an impressive 100:1 turns ratio to crank up the voltage on your spark. When coupled with the HyperSpark ignition or a similar CD box that means this coil can really put out some serious energy--while still being true to the traditional look you're trying to achieve.  If you plan to run your Sniper EFI System with a coil driver module rather than the HyperSpark or other capacative-discharge ignition box then choose this coil.  A ballast resistor is only required if using this with a points ignition.  This coil has a socket-style (female) coil wire connector.

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Installation Instructions
Holley Sniper Hyperspark EFI Ignition Box

Power and Control connection2 Wire Coils (Coil Power and Ground))
Tower StyleMale (556-152) or Female (556-153)
Towers (Qty)1

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Sniper EFI Coil (HyperSpark or Traditional)

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