Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel Pressure Regulators

We offer two categories of fuel pressure regulators:

Fixed-Pressure (60 PSI) Fuel Pressure Regulators

Tanks Inc. Universal Filter Regulator Kit LA9904-KIT

Holley Universal Filter Regulator Kit 12-875 12-876 12-888 12-879

Holley Billet Fixed-Pressure EFI Regulator 12-893


Adjustable-Pressure Fuel Pressure Regulators

Part NumberInput/OutputReturnAdjustment Range
Fuel Systems Supporting Up To 450 HP
12-882 (Silver), 12-886 (Black)3/8-inch NPT Female (x2)3/8-inch NPT Female15-60 PSI
Fuel Systems Supporting 450 - 800 HP
12-8793/8-inch NPT Female (x2)3/8-inch NPT Female4-15 PSI and 15-65 PSI*
12-880-6 AN Female ORB x2-6 AN Female ORB4-15 PSI and 15-65 PSI*
12-846-8 AN Female ORB x2-6 AN Female ORB15-65 PSI
Fuel Systems Supporting 800 - 1200 HP
12-848-10 AN Female ORB x2-8 AN Female ORB15-65 PSI
Fuel Systems over 1200+ HP
12-851-10 AN Female ORB x2-10 AN Female ORB40-100 PSI
12-864-8 AN Female ORB x4-10 AN Female ORB40-100 PSI

*Includes two interchangeable springs (one for 4-15 PSI and the other for 15-65 PSI

Check Out This Nifty Regulator Bracket

Mount your regulator right at your 4150-style throttle body! Perfect for Sniper 4150 or Terminator TBI users.
Holley Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator Bracket

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Holley EFI Replacement Regulator Element

Need a replacement regulator for your Holley Sniper EFI System or Holley EFI Universal Filter Regula..

$24.50 $22.05