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When you step up to Holley's Dominator ECU, you've graduated to a new level of effort. The Dominator is arguably the finest, most powerful vehicle management system available on the market today. It is designed for those who demand precise control of the today's highly advanced autmotive functions.

Rather than "work around" things like electronic transmission control and drive-by-wire, Dominator embraces them. Instead of sending it's owner to third party options for water-methanol injection, dual-port wastegate control, and multiple progressive stages of nitrous, Dominator handles these in one package, allowing control that is not only simultaneous but also integrated. It just doesn't get better than this, at least not on most budgets.

There aren't a lot of categories here. The Dominator is purchased "ala carte". The builder will need to identify and selectively purchase the rest of the components. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through that. Be sure to visit our

Holley calls it's Dominator Fuel Injection Systems "Vehicle Management Systems" because that is the best term to use to describe them. While they have all the capability of the HP Fuel Injection Systems, they far exceed that in the ability to perform electronic transmission control, drive-by-wire throttle control, and programmable I/O control with an incredible 43 inputs and 40 outputs. It one-ups the HP system in total number of fuel injectors (12-channel/24-injectors), ignition channels (12), and integrated wide-band oxygen sensor control (two.) Moreover, the Dominator Fuel Injection System allows you to program, store, and select from four unique calibrations, as well as 3 different rev limiters.

The Dominator ECU starts with the foundational features that make all of the Holley ECU's great. Its rugged construction makes it able to be mounted in nearly any environment, including in the engine compartment. Dual knock sensors, dedicated oil and fuel pressure inputs, and 1-5 BAR MAP sensor capability. Like the others Holley ECU's, you can use most common OEM sensors and perform custom sensor calibration. A multitude of fueling strategies including Speed-Density, Alpha-N, or a combination can be used, and advanced idel, closed-loop, and enrichment strategies are available as well.

Consider these basic features of the Dominator Fuel Injection System:

  • Works with 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-cylinder engines

  • Control Fuel and Ignition to the individual cylinder level

  • Internal data logging (up to 2 GB)

  • 4-Stage Progressive Nitrous Control

  • Turbo Boost Control

  • Water-Methanol Injection Control

  • Electronic Transmission Control

The I/O ports available on the Dominator ECU make it stand above the crowd. 43 inputs are available. 13 Multi-inputs can be configured as 5 vdc, 20 vdc, thermistor temperature, or high/low voltage inputs, while the rest are available as 5 vdc. 40 inputs are available, including 4 speed inputs (digital or inductive), 20 12 vdc PWM/Switched inputs, and 16 Ground (0 vdc) PWM/Switched inputs. No wonder they call this a Vehicle Management System. With all of these I/O capabilities, if you can't control it then it can't be controlled!

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