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-13% VR2 Ultra Dominator Fuel Pump, Brushless Two-Speed

The Holley VR2 Ultra Dominator two-speed brushless pump is the big brother to the Ultra HP Fuel Pump. If you want to read a bit more detail about things like why brushless pumps are of value, or how the two-speed feature work, or the 12- to 18-volt operating range, take a look at that page. Likewise, if you get to the bottom of this page and realize, "Holy tomatoes, this pump flows more fuel than Saudi Arabia, Texas, and Alaska combined", then the Ultra HP might be a better option.

A Fuel Pump So Advanced It Has It's Own Controller

Holley went with a brushless motor design for more than just efficiency and long life. Brushless motors are particularly-well designed for solid-state speed control and that is eactly what the controller box included with this pump does. Now, don't get too worried about what that means to the user or installer. It is as simple as a single wire. Ground it and the pump operates at half-speed. Float it and the pump operates at full speed. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Now, while that means you can gain the full range of operation from this pump with nothing more than a simple switch, you have not begun to explore the range of its capability until you use one of your spare outputs from your Holley ECU to control the application of ground to that wire. At that point, you can use virtually any condition or set of conditions to switch from low to high speed and back. Boost level, nitrous enable, throttle position, or any other signal that the ECU can sense.

Ultra Dominator Inlet Options: Single Or Dual

Huge fuel flow numbers like this Ultra Dominator is capable of producing demand a huge inlet. With the VR2, you have two options: A single -16 AN ORB or a pair of -10 ORB fittings. Note that with either, and as with the outlet, it is critical that you ues a contoured male O-Ring Boss (ORB) fitting and not simply use a male AN union. We have listed some fittings you can add to your order to ensure you get the right ones the first time. The wrong fitting won't only hurt flow--it could hurt the pump.

What Fuel Pressure Regulator Will Work With This Pump?

Great question!  Because of the massive flow numbers at which this pump is capable, you will find yourself unable to control the pressure if the regulator is too small to return an adequate amount of fuel to the tank at low fuel consumption.  For that reason, we only recommend the Holley VR-Series EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator.

To review the installation instructions for the Holley Ultra Dominator Fuel Pump and learn more about controlling this pump with any Holley ECU, download these instructions:

Installation Instructions
Holley VR2 Ultra Dominator Fuel Pump

Fluid Fittings
Fittings IncludedNo
Inlet SizeSingle -16 or Double -10 AN O-Ring
Outlet Size-10 AN O-Ring - 7/8-14 SAE
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)134 @ 43.5 PSI and 13.8 Volts
Flow Rate (LPH)525 @ 43.5 PSI and 13.8 Volts
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel TypePump Gas or Race Gas. Also E-85 and Methanol when flushed after each drag race event.
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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VR2 Ultra Dominator Fuel Pump, Brushless Two-Speed

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