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-10% VR1 Ultra HP Fuel Pump, Brushless Two-Speed

The Holley Ultra-HP brushless two-speed in-line fuel pump almost defies simple explanation. There are so many features, including some that have never been offered in a performance fuel pump, that it basically changes the ground rules.

First, What Does "Brushless Fuel Pump" Mean To Me?

Without getting into a lot of geek-speak, brushless benefits the user by eliminating a source of both friction and wear in a standard motor: the brushes. Without brushes, the motors spin with less resistance, using applied power for generating fuel flow that had been used to overcome the drag of the brush against the commutator. Ok, that was a little geeky. Suffice it to say that these pumps are more efficient and have one less thing to wear out.

Ok, So Why A Two Speed Fuel Pump?

This is where it starts to get really spicy! Just because you have an engine that makes half a zillion horsepower doesn't mean you need to make that all of the time. Maybe you want to drive that car on the street occasionally and you would prefer a fuel pump that would match the fuel flow to the horsepower output. Well, now you've got it. You could wire in a switch that lets you double the fuel flow, or if you are running this with a Holley system you can allow the ECU to make the decision when to turn double the flow based on things like boost pressure, throttle position, or nitrous enable.

Someone Tells Me This Fuel Pump Operates At 12 to 18 Volts?

That's right. That isn't all that shocking (pardon the pun) but what you need to know is that this pump was designed right from the get-go to operate safely at up to 18 volts. Sure, you can crank your 12-volt pump up to 18 volts and it may last quite a while. But that is entirely different from a pump that is engineered to operate at 18 volts. This means you can dial in a 30% increase in fuel flow by increasing the voltage to 18 volts using a racing voltage amplifier.

How Much Fuel Does The Ultra HP Pump Flow?

Because of the range of voltages over which the Ultra HP can operate, the range of pressures that users can set it, plus the dual-speed nature of the pump, that is a question that is best answered with a graph. Above you will find six different graphs, each showing the flow across three voltages (13.8vdc, 16vdc, and 18vdc) for pressures from 5 to 130 psi, and for both "Reduced Low Speed Control" (low speed) and "Full Control" (high speed) operation.

However, if you're looking for a simple answer, it produces about 520 liters per hour at 43.5 PSI at 13.8 volts (typical alternator voltage.) That is enough to feed about 1370 HP (naturally aspirated, gasoline) or 1110 HP (forced induction, gasoline) in high speed operation. If you're running E85, be sure to multiply those numbers by 0.72. Need more? Remember that you can increase that by about 30% by providing the pump with 18 volts instead of 13.8 volts. Or, remember that the Ultra HP has a big brother, the Ultra Dominator that essentially doubles everything that the Ultra HP can accomplish.

What Fuel Pressure Regulator Will Work With This Pump?

Great question!  Because of the massive flow numbers at which this pump is capable, you will find yourself unable to control the pressure if the regulator is too small to return an adequate amount of fuel to the tank at low fuel consumption.  For that reason, we only recommend the Holley VR-Series EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator.

To review the installation instructions for the Holley VR1 Ultra HP Fuel Pump and learn more about controlling this pump with any Holley ECU, download these instructions:

Installation Instructions
Holley VR1 Ultra HP Fuel Pump

Fluid Fittings
Fittings IncludedNo
Inlet Size-10 AN O-Ring - 7/8-14 SAE
Outlet Size-10 AN O-Ring - 7/8-14 SAE
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)134 @ 43.5 PSI and 13.8 Volts
Flow Rate (LPH)525 @ 43.5 PSI and 13.8 Volts
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel TypePump Gas or Race Gas. Also E-85 and Methanol when flushed after each drag race event.
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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VR1 Ultra HP Fuel Pump, Brushless Two-Speed

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