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-10% Sniper/Terminator X Replacement Fuel Injector

Direct-Fit Replacement Fuel Injectors for Sniper and Terminator X Stealth

Have one of the fuel injectors on your Sniper or Terminator X Stealth throttle body died after your 1-year EFI System warranty has ended? You can buy the injector you need to replace it right here!

Why doesn't Holley sell a "Sniper Replacement Injector"?

Actually, they do. This is a genuine Holley injector, covered by Holley's standard 90-day warranty. Holley sells these individually and in sets of eight as replacement injectors for some of their Holley Hi-RAM EFI Manifolds as well as upgrade injectors for factory LS manifolds. But they don't sell these as replacement injectors for the Sniper and Terminator X because they do not consider the Sniper and Terminator X injectors to be user-serviceable items. And removing the injector covers during the warranty period risks prematurely terminating the warranty.  Regardless, this is a direct-fit replacement fuel injector for all of the Holley Sniper EFI systems as well as the Terminator X Steallth Throttle body systems.

Can I replace the fuel injector in my Sniper or Terminator X Stealth?

Now that's a bit more challenging question! Strictly speaking, it's really simple. Remove four screws, pull off the end cover (which serves as a fuel rail), pull & unplug the old injector, plug in & replace the new. Reassemble.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. Getting everything lined up is a bit of a challenge. Breaking a wire is always a risk, as is damaging an o-ring when reassembling. After that, the biggest challenge is ensuring that you DO NOT PINCH A WIRE under the cover. Indeed, even the assembly technicians have done this in manufacturing. And often it does not evidence itself right away but only after a bit of time and heat combine to ground the signal wire to the injector. In fact, if you've not already confirmed that it's not a pinched wire that has caused your injector to stop working then do that now because a new injector is not going to fix that.

Bottom line: If you don't have a history of success in the disassembly and reassembly of small machinery, send your throttle body back to Holley. They will charge you for the injector and its replacement and send it back to you. Just costs a little more time and money that way.

Have you done a video on injector replacement?

Indeed, our own Scott Evans has done an outstanding video on this subject. Check it out!

Two different injectors are available. Which one should I pick?

It is absolutely imperative that you pick the injector with the same flow as your original, as indicated in the pull-down box. Nothing good comes from picking the wrong one. We do offer upgraded injector sets for the Sniper and Terminator X but unless you know that you need more fuel there is no benefit whatsoever to increasing the flow rate of your injectors. A bigger injector by itself will have absolutely ZERO impact on your horsepower. Pick the injector you need in the option box above and get your EFI System back on the road.

What are the specifications of the Sniper/Terminator X Replacement Injector?

  • Brand: Holley EFI (not some "generic")
  • Style: PICO/EV6
  • Rated Flow: 100 PPH (All Except Sniper X-Flow), 120 PPH (Sniper X-Flow)
  • Injector Connector: USCAR Style
  • Length: 38mm O-Ring to O-Ring
  • Service Part NO.: 100PPH (250R169A), 120PPH (250R173A)

Looking for a set of eight injectors?

Find the 100 PPH Terminator X Injector 8-Pack 522-108X here.

Fuel Injectors
O-Ring to O-Ring Distance38mm
Electrical ConnectorUSCAR
Flow Rate (Lbs / Hr)100
Intake Manifold BoreO-Ring for 14mm intake manifold bore included
Fuel Rail BoreO-Ring for 14mm fuel rail bore included
Fuel TypeGasoline, E-85
Driver TypeSaturated
ApplicationFits Holley MPFI intake manifolds that include brackets for LS3/LS7 injectors. Will fit factory-style GM LS3, LS7, LS9, LSA manifold but requires a larger o-ring for manifold bore.
Emission Code4 - Legal for Racing Use Only
Height50mm OAL
Unit of SaleIndividually

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Sniper/Terminator X Replacement Fuel Injector

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