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-10% Sniper Progressive Linkage Kit (Fixed or Adjustable)

It is almost without fail that Sniper EFI System owners experience a huge boost in performance from their new throttle body.  And sometimes the throttle is just a bit "much".  That's not surprising.  The Sniper throttle body flows a huge 800 CFM and on most V8 engines is just takes a small crack of the throttle to unleash a huge amount of horsepower.  That much horsepower can make starts difficult--especially with manual transmissions and grabby clutches.

Here is your solution.  Using one of these progressive links you can bring your throttle in much more gradually.  Choose from a fixed link (opens the secondaries at about 40% of throttle travel) or an adjust able link (and you can set the secondary point to your liking.

Installing this progressive link requires you to have ECU firmware version 1.1.1 (or later) and Handheld version 1.1.7 (or later.)  You can upgrade your firmware at no cost: The instructions (below) provide steps for checking your firmware version and upgrading if necessary.  However, if you would prefer NOT to figure out how to download the firmware and install it on your SD card then we feel you:  You can buy a Sniper EFI System SD Card with updated firmware here.

Note 1: The fixed link brings the secondary to about 97% of fully open when the primary stops at 100%.  If your engine is making less than 500 horsepower then it will never notice that 3%--the Sniper throttle body is already flowing as much air as your engine can consume.  But if you need that extra 3% of secondary travel, opt for the adjustable linkage.

Note 2: If you are using ported vacuum to advance your distributor then this link is going to render that inoperable. Ported vacuum is vacuum that is present only after the throttle blades are open slightly. Because Holley chose to implement the ported vacuum on the secondaries (instead of the primaries) this progressive link is likely going to put the vacuum advance at a point where it is ineffective. If you're reading this going "Ported WHaaa??" then you can probably just ignore this note.


This linkage should work great on your standard (non-stealth) Sniper 4-BBL throttle bodies, including the Sniper XFlow. It WILL NOT WORK on the Sniper Stealth throttle bodies. When you enable the progressive link on the Sniper Stealth configuration you'll find that fuel flows into one of the primary barrels and one of the secondary barrels. Sorry!

What About Sniper 2?

These linkages do work on Sniper 2. But in our experience the advanced throttle arm setup on Sniper 2 alleviates the need for a progressive linkage. If, after you've driven your Sniper 2 a while and become accustomed to the throttle tip-in characteristics, you still feel it it too abrupt for your liking, then you can give one of these adjustable links a try. Using this link with the Sniper 2 does mandate that you use the Sniper software for setup, as Holley removed the progressive link enable checkbox from the Sniper 2 version of the handheld firmware. You'll simply need to follow the laptop tuning instructions, below.


In some cases, progressive link users find they get a little rich bog when they tip into the throttle with the progressive link installed. If you fall into that category, take a look at these tuning tips for the sniper progressive link.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation & Configuration Guide
Sniper EFI System Fixed Progressive Linkage

Installation & Configuration Guide
Sniper EFI System Adjustable Progressive Linkage

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Sniper Progressive Linkage Kit (Fixed or Adjustable)

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