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-10% MSD 6EFI Ignition

Before the release of the MSD 6EFI we have long pointed out that if you want to run a capacitive discharge ignition with your EFI system then don't spend the money on one with a lot of "extra features".  After all,  all Holley ECU's and most other-brand ECUs are able to do things like rev limiting inside the ECU.  Why pay for something you won't use?

Well, MSD must have heard us because they have released this ignition.  It is EXACTLY the ignition that you want if you are running a distributor-based ignition with your aftermarket EFI system.  So what's so great about it?  Well, first off, the price.  You save over 10% off the price of the MSD 6A Ignition (and nearly 25% off the price of the MSD 6AL) by opting for the 6EFI.

But even if the prices were the same, I would still recommend the 6EFI.  The primary reason:  The instructions.  Yes, I know that you've probably never chosen one product over another simply because of the instructions.  But in the case of the 6EFI, it is a deal maker because it is almost guaranteed that you are going to find detailed installation instructions for your specific EFI system: MSD Atomic EFI, Holley Sniper EFI, Holley Terminator EFI, Fast EZ-EFI, FiTech Go EFI, Edelbrock E-Street EFI--they even have instructions for the Summit Max-EFI500!  And more than just how to wire the 6EFI up but also how to reconfigure your distributor to allow you to do timing control with your EFI system.  (There's a link below to download them--check them out!)

In the event that your particular EFI system doesn't provide rev control the 6EFI does make that available.  But there is no annoying tach sweep feature to disable (like on the MSD 6AL) that that otherwise will pump half a cup of gasoline down your intake every time you key the system on.  Who needs that?  If you are running EFI and a distributor-based ignition, this is the ignition box for you!

Note: We recommend the MSD Blaster SS Coil with the MSD 6EFI Ignition.

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Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Instructions
MSD 6EFI Ignition

Also IncludedRev Limiter Adjusting Tool, Firewall Gromet

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MSD 6EFI Ignition

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