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-10% HyperSpark EFI Distributor, Ford Inline 6 144-250CI

With the release of the Holley HyperSpark EFI Distributor for the Ford Inline 6-Cylinder (144-250 CID), there really isn't any excuse for not enabling ECU-controlled ignition timing on your Sniper Autolite 1100 EFI System.  It's just that inexpensive and easy.

The price point of the Holley HyperSpark EFI Distributor puts it less than either a MSD  Pro-Billet or Ready-To-Run distributor.  And when coupled with the HyperSpark Ignition Box and HyperSpark Coil, this creates a unbeatable trifecta of ignition perfection that is 100% plug-and-play and can be installed in no time.  In fact, there are only three unterminated wires that need to addresses.  Everything else is click-connect Metri Pack connectors along with two ring terminals for power and ground.

Holley has even found a way to simplify the process of phasing the distributor.  First, install the included clear distributor cap that physically locks the rotor into the phased position.   Next, rotate the engine to top dead center (0 degrees on the harmonic balancer) on the compression stroke.  Finally, Drop the distributor into place, lock it down, and install the regular distributor cap and you're done.  That terminal becomes the #1 spark plug tower.  It just can't get any easier than this!

Watch How Easy It Is To Install This Distributor!

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Installation Instructions
Holley HyperSpark Distributors

Also IncludedClear rotor phasing cap for easy installation
ApplicationFord Inline 6-Cylinder 144-250 CID
ColorPolished Aluminum or Black Body; Black Distributor Cap
MaterialCNC-Machined Billet Aluminum Body; High Impact Plastic Cap & Rotor
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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HyperSpark EFI Distributor, Ford Inline 6 144-250CI

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