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-10% Sniper EFI Hyperspark Ignition Box

The new Sniper HyperSpark EFI Ignition from Holley was designed to be the go-to ignition for the popular Holley Sniper EFI System but is a great capacitive discharge ignition for so many applications.

Straight-Forward Wiring

The HyperSpark EFI Ignition features a complete self-contained wiring harness with four pre-terminated connections and only two wires that need to be terminated by the installer.  After mounting the box (self-tapping screws are included)  simply plug the large 12-pin connector to the HyperSpark ignition box and the large 2-pin connector into HyperSpark Coil*.  A pigtail harness is provided that allows you to connect to the white points output of the Sniper EFI System** and splice into the pink 12-volt switched power of the Sniper, and then plugs directly into the HyperSpark harness.  Finally, use the ring terminals to connect power and ground directly to the battery or to the positive side of the starter solenoid and ground to tne engine.  You're done!

Durable Reliability

Every HyperSpark EFI Ignition undergoes numerous quality control checks before leaving the factory, including a FOUR HOUR burn-in test.  That way you can be confident that your HyperSpark Ignition not only arrives fully tested and functional but will remain that way for the duration.  It is built to operate on any negative ground 12-volt electrical system and can be used with 16-volt batteries.  This ignition will delivery full output on a supply voltage of 9-18 volts and can provide enough output to operate most engines with a voltage of as low as 7 volts.  The HyperSpark is even built to withstand momentary voltage spikes of up to 24 volts.

LED Operation Indicator

A complete power-on self test (POST) is conducted each time the system is switched on.  The results of the POST and continuous operation tests can be seen via the LED on the face of the HyperSpark chassis:

  • Solid GREEN: All circuits functioning normally, receiving RPM signal (engine running.)
  • Solid ORANGE: All circuits functioning normally, not receiving RPM signal (engine not running.)
  • Solid RED: An ignition problem exists--check for shorted coil or converter.

*The Sniper EFI Hyperspark Ignition Box can be used with most stand-alone and aftermarket ignition coils but performs exceptionally well with the Sniper EFI HyperSpark Coil.
**The Sniper EFI Hyperspark Ignition Box can be used with most setups that provide a points-style output. This includes the ng the Holley Dual-Sync Distributor, GM HEI and Ford TFI distributors, MSD Pro-Billet and Ready-To-Run distributors, as well as points-style distributors

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Instructions
Holley Sniper Hyperspark EFI Ignition Box

Also IncludedWiring Harness, Installation Hardware Kit

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Sniper EFI Hyperspark Ignition Box

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