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-10% COP Blanking Cap for Dual Sync Distributor

The Holley Dual Sync Distributor is an amazing distributor. But for those who prefer a coil-on-plug solution, it is still a great source of cam and crank timing for your Holley ECU. To make the installation a whole lot neater you can buy this handy blanking cap. So there is no need to have an empty distributor cap looking odd in your engine compartment. If anyone asks what that black, round-shaped thing is tell them that is the radome so your ECU can communicate back to the mothership. That one is always good for a few strange looks.

May 2018 Update:  With the release of the new 200-series Dual-Sync Distributors made for Holley by MSD, the distributor cap has changed.  Be sure to select the correct blanking cap in the option selector above based on the part number of your dual-sync distributor.  As always, if in doubt, contact us!  :-)

  • Blanking Cap for 565-1xx Distributors: 566-101*
  • Blanking Cap for 565-2xx Distributors: 566-103**

*Except 565-111

**Also Fits 565-111

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COP Blanking Cap for Dual Sync Distributor

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