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-10% In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Module Installation Kit

If you purchased one of Holley's In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Tank Modules or the Holley Sniper EFI Die-Cast Module then you will soon find out that you still need a few components to finish the installation.  Good news:  We have put all of this together in one kit to make your life easier!  Here's what is included in the RETROMODINSTKIT-R Returnless Installation Kit kit for the module with in-tank return:

  • -6 AN Female to 3/8-inch Hosebarb Adapters (1): Provides inlet fitting for the EFI system
  • -6 ORB Port Plug (1) : Replaces the return fitting with this plug
  • Earl's Vapor-Guard EFI Hose, 3/8-inch (5 ft): Provides enough hose if existing hard line is used
  • 3/8-inch EFI Hose Clamps (6): Look and seal better than worm clamps
  • 10-Micron Fuel Filter: Perfect filtration between tank and EFI system.
  • 1/4-NPT Male to 3/8-inch Hosebarb Adapter (1): Provides the connecton to the module itself

If you have the retro-fit fuel pump module that requires an external fuel pressure regulator, the RETROMODINSTKIT Return-Style Installation Kit includes these additional components:

  • -6 AN Female to 3/8-inch Hosebarb Adapters (+1): A second adapter for the EFI System return port
  • -6 ORB Port Plug (-1) : This plug is not needed for the return-style module so it is not included
  • Earl's Vapor-Guard EFI Hose, 3/8-inch (+15 ft): Added hose so that a return can be plumbed
  • 1/4-NPT Male to 3/8-inch Hosebarb Adapter (+1): A second adapter for the module return port

Installation Tips:

Use no sealant or thread tape on the AN fittings on the EFI System. Be sure to check the complete run of the hard line to ensure that you replace every piece of existing fuel hose with the included Vapor-Guard Hose. Please measure your hose requirements before ordering to ensure that 5 feet (20 feet for the return style) is enough. If it is not we will gladly add whatever amount you require.  If you are plumbing a return line, we recommend you use the existing hard fuel line for the return and use the 3/8-inch Vapor-Guard Hose that is included to do the run between the tank module and the EFI system.

Fluid Fittings
Fittings IncludedEarl's Vapor Guard 3/8-Inch to 1/4-Inch Male NPT Hose End; Earl's Vapor Guard 3/8-Inch to -6 AN Female Hose End;
Fuel Filters
Filter Type10-Micron Filter
ApplicationHolley Retrofit Fuel Tank modules being used with Sniper/FiTech/MSD/Edelbrock EFI Systems with -6AN male fuel inlet and outlet.
Length5 feet of fuel hose in Returnless Module Kit (20 feet in Return-Style Module Kit)
Unit of SaleKit

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In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Module Installation Kit

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