-16% Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules

If you have already confirmed that no OE-Style Fuel Tank Module or complete Fuel Tank System exists for your application, but you really want an in-tank pump, this is a great solution.

These Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules allow you to install an in-tank fuel pump is just about ANY fuel tank with a horizontal top.  That's right, simply cut a hole, drop in the module, and the self-sealing style clamps itself tight from the inside of the tank to give you a text-book EFI solution.  Fitted with a Holly Hydramat pickup, this means that not having normal EFI baffling is no problem.  The Hydramat material allows this pickup to continue to draw fuel without losing suction even if only a corner of the material is still in fuel.

Holley offers a number of different fuel pump combinations to ensure you get the right amount of fuel for your engine.  Choose from:

  • Single 255 LPH* Pump: Capable of supporting 670 HP (NA) or 540 HP (Boosted) on Gasoline Only
  • Single 450 LPH* Pump: Capable of supporting 1180 HP (NA) or 960 HP (Boosted) on Gasoline (or 840/680 HP on E85)
  • Single 525 LPH** Pump: Capable of supporting 1240 HP (NA) or 1000 HP (Boosted) on Gasoline (or 890/720 HP on E85)

*Flow rated at 43.5 PSI. Flow somewhat decreases with pressure--see flow graphs below for flow and amperage draw at your fuel system's pressure.
**Flows 470 LPH at 40 PSI and 13.5 volts.

These retrofit fuel tank modules are available with or without built-in pressure regulators. Opt for this and you don't even have to install a return fuel line. Simply use your existing hard fuel line and replace the original hose with some Earl's Vapor-Guard EFI Hose and you're set!  Be sure to install your In-Tank EFI Retrofit Module with a rollover vent valve.  This allows the tank to breath without risk of fuel spill in the event of a rollover.

This module features a the Holley Hydramat fuel pickup sock.  This technology allows the pump to continue to draw fuel when any part of the sock is in fuel.  For a less costly solution that opts for a a standard pickup stock (which requires the the pickup port itself remain entirely submerged), consider the Holley Sniper Diecast Retrofit Module with 340 LPH Pump.

Billet Aluminum or Diecast Aluminum?

Holley has spared no expense in offering the racer the utmost in options on this module. In addition to the ability to select the pump flow and an in-tank regulator, you can now choose from either a diecast or billet aluminum version of this module. Budget-conscious buyers will appreciate that they can save by opting for a diecast module body that nobody will ever see and will likely outlive the car. More demanding buyers will appreciate that for only a small amount more they can have the solid dependability and durable finish of billet aluminum. That's a win-win situation!

Do You Have What You Need To Install This Module?

This Retrofit Fuel Tank Module Installation Kit will save you time and money by ensuring you have exactly what you need to install this module with most EFI systems that feature a -6AN fuel feed and return (including the Sniper and Terminator EFI Systems.)

Vent Port Options

When you add one of these fuel pump modules to your shopping cart you will see an option to add vent port components. All of these modules include a vent port. Depending on your situation you may want to simply plug this (if the tank is already suitably vented) or add a rollover vent kit. The rollover vent kit includes a 12-874 rollover valve, which is screwed into the fuel pump module on the inside of the tank. A 3/8-inch hosebarb adapter and clamp are use to affix a hose, the end of which should be mounted higher than the top of the fuel tank, bearing in mind that if you fill your tank level above this point it will run out.

Part Number Breakdown

The options selected above will determine which of the following part numbers are shipped:

  • 12-130 - 255 LPH Pump, External Regulator Required, Billet Aluminum Hat
  • 12-131 - 255 LPH Pump, Internally Regulated ("Returnless"), Billet Aluminum Hat
  • 12-132 - 450 LPH Pump, External Regulator Required, Billet Aluminum Hat
  • 12-133 - 450 LPH Pump, Internally Regulated ("Returnless"), Billet Aluminum Hat
  • 12-134 - 525 LPH Pump, Internally Regulated ("Returnless"), Billet Aluminum Hat
  • 12-135 - 525 LPH Pump, Internally Regulated ("Returnless"), Billet Aluminum Hat
  • 12-136 - 255 LPH Pump, External Regulator Required, Diecast Aluminum Hat
  • 12-137 - 450 LPH Pump, External Regulator Required, Diecast Aluminum Hat
  • 12-158 - 255 LPH Pump, Internally Regulated ("Returnless"), Diecast Aluminum Hat
  • 12-159 - 450 LPH Pump, Internally Regulated ("Returnless"), Diecast Aluminum Hat

Minimum and Maximum Tank Depths

The minimum and maximum tank depths supported by these retrofit kits are depend on which of the part numbers above you choose. However, any tank that is between 7.5 and 12 inches deep will work with any of these Retrofit kits. Have a tank that is between 12 and 15 inches deep? Then opt for the Extended Length Bracket option. If your application is either deeper or shallower than this then contact us and we can confirm fitment or suggest other options.

Watch These Videos!

Great video from Holley to provides details and installation specifics:

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Instructions
Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules

Flow And Amperage Chart
255 LPH Fuel Pumps

Flow And Amperage Chart
450 LPH Fuel Pumps

Fluid Fittings
Inlet Size1/4-inch NPT Female
Outlet Size1/4-inch NPT Female
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pressure RangeMax System Pressure 87 PSI
StyleReturn or returnless style (as buyer option)
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)67 or112 gallons per hour (at 43.5 PSI)
Flow Rate (LPH)255 or 425 liters per hour (at 43.5 PSI)
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel TypeGasoline (or E85 but only with 450 LPH pump versions)
Fuel Filters
Element MaterialHolley Hydramat
Filter TypePre-Filter
Filtration Level40 Micron Pre-Pump Filter. Additional 10 Micron Post-Pump Filter Required for Most Applications
ApplicationMost fuel tanks with a horizontal top surface
HeightFits tanks 7.5- to 12-inches deep
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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Holley In-Tank EFI Retrofit Modules

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