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Holley EFI

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USB Data Cable

7' long sealed USB data cable (comes with ECU's, order this as a replacement or a spare.)  Als..

$79.67 $71.70

Water-Methanol Injection Filter

Because of the extremely fine and high-quality atomization of the Holley Water-Methanol Injection sp..

$38.83 $34.95

Water-Methanol Injection Installation Kit

This system is designed for use with Holley HP and Dominator EFI systems. It is not a stand-alone sy..

$263.00 $235.95

Water-Methanol Injection Pump

Holley Water/Methanol injection solenoids (PN’s 557-103, 557-105, & 557-106) are required to be driv..

$388.00 $348.95

Water-Methanol Injection Solenoid/Nozzle 1000cc/min (800HP)

Water-Methanol Injection Solenoid/Nozzle 1000cc/min (800HP) Not Sure? Review this product documentat..

$388.00 $348.95

Water/Methanol Injection Driver Module

This module is designed to allow any spare PWM output on the Holley HP or Dominator ECU to be used t..

$156.00 $139.95

2-Port VR Series EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator (40-100 PSI)

Is your engine building more than 800 HP or does it require fuel pressures in excess of 65 PSI? ..

$372.00 $333.95

Cam Sync Kit, BBC Standard Cam Height

Specifically designed for use w/ JESEL and similar external, dry timing-belt, cam drive systems. Inc..

$308.00 $276.95

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Coolant Temperature Sensor for Holley and commander 950 systems Fits coolant passages with 3/8" NPT ..

$51.19 $46.07

Dual Sync Distributor, Chevrolet Big Block Tall Deck

The Holley Dual-Sync Distributor for Chevrolet Big Block Tall Deck isn't mandatory for your EFI ins..

$525.00 $471.95

Fuel System Kit, 65 GPH Holley Pump, Black Hose, Swivel Hose Ends

Holley fuel kits are the perfect addition to your Terminator or Holley kit. They are engineered usin..

$1,139.00 $1,024.95

Holley EFI Carb Hat

These carburetor hats from Holley fill a desperately-needed void for a well-designed, cost-effective..

$217.00 $194.95

HP ECU and Harness Kit, GM LS1/LS6

By now you have already figured out that Holley provides unparalleled support for the various GM LS..

$2,899.00 $2,608.95

Race Series 4bbl 1000CFM Throttle Body, 4150 Flange

The Holley die cast aluminum four barrel throttle body is designed to fit on any square bore (4150 s..

$798.00 $717.95

Terminator Stealth Universal 4BBL TBI Systems

Terminator Throttle Body Injection (TBI) EFI Systems were Holley's original 4150-carburetor replacem..

$3,140.00 $1,928.71