Holley EFI

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1000 CFM Square Bore Flange Throttle Body, Polished

Holley’s new 1000 CFM Throttle Body shares the same air entry area design that powers every NASCAR S..

$582.00 $522.95

Cam Sync Kit, Ford and Universal Applications

Specifically designed for use in unlimited racing applications equipped with an external, dry timing..

$319.00 $286.95

Dual Sync Distributor, Mopar 383-400

The Holley Dual-Sync Distributor for Mopar 383-400 isn't mandatory for your EFI installation. But ..

$489.00 $439.95

Holley EFI 4150 to GM/Ford Throttle Body Adapter

So let's say you have a 4150 / Square Bore intake manifold but would like to upgrade to a more moder..

$195.00 $174.95

Holley EFI 6.8-inch Pro Dash

Holley EFI 6.86-inch Pro Dash--Now available for All Holley EFI Systems!Whether you have a Holle..

$1,366.61 $1,229.95

Holley EFI Dominator Flange Throttle Body

This has got to be the baddest throttle body on the market for Dominator-flanged intake manifolds. &..

$1,926.00 $1,732.95

LS Hi-Flow Fuel Rails (Only), LS1/LS2/LS3/LS6/L99 factory intakes

LS Hi-Flow Holley Fuel Rails - Fits LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 & L99 factory intakesNote: : LS2, LS3, a..

$240.00 $215.95

Map Sensor 1 Bar

1 bar MAP sensor is used in most naturally aspirated applications..

$126.00 $112.95

Terminator LS Multi-Point Fuel Injection System

Get all the great features of Terminator self-tuning EFI in a plug-and-play system for GM’s popular ..

$3,028.00 $2,724.95

Terminator X Stealth 4500 TBI Systems

Terminator X 4500: They Call It Dominator For A ReasonWhen Holley, working in conjunction with For..

$3,143.00 $2,827.95

Dual Sync Distributor, Ford 302

The Holley Dual-Sync Distributor for Ford 302 isn't mandatory for your EFI installation. But if yo..

$502.00 $450.95

EFI Master Fuel System Kit

This is the exact fuel system kit included with the self-regulated Sniper EFI System Master Kits but..

$434.00 $389.95

Flying Magnet Sensor for Cam, Crankshafts

Designed to generate a cam sync input signal when used in flying magnet cam trigger setups. This sen..

$160.00 $143.95

Flying Magnet Sensor with Magnet Target

This is identical to Holley Flying Magnet Sensor PN 554-125 but includes the necessary target magnet..

$228.00 $204.95

HP ECU and Harness Kit, GM LS2/3/7 & '07+ Truck, Bosch Inj

Looking for a plug and play kit for your GM LS engine? The HP ECU allows you to accurately control t..

$2,899.00 $2,608.95